I Miss It

i used to take pictures of myself and post 'em for a few of my friends. i loved taking them, i would make a whole big deal out of it. picking the right outfit (even thoguh a few pic later it was off), getting the right lighting, the right background;  its a combination of the photographer and perfectionist within me. there was just so much fun in preparing for the shots. but the best part was the feed back.

i guess you can call it the narcissist in me, i loved reading thier comments. my online friends were always so sweet to me.

i didnt take the pictures for them though. i took the pictures for myself. befor i started posting them i would just delet them or hide them so no one eles saw 'em. it made me feel different to see myself ... that way. normally i come off as a sweet, modest, girl next door type. but in the pictures i took i was someone eles, a whole new person.

i stoped taking them and i really miss it. maybe i'll start again. it really was alot of fun. 

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5 Responses Nov 17, 2008

i think you should start up again , time to have some fun again it would be a great joy for me to see them

Mail / msn ... c.pallesen@live.dk <br />
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please start again, would be so hott

If you enjoy doing it, continue to do so! <br />
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Aww don't miss it, carry on!