I take naughty pics for one reason.. the bf... he tends to enjoy them, i mean why wouldn't he... : )
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love to see... please send pix

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.

Do you share them with others?
Add me please.

Add me

Sure you may show me!

please add me

Would you be interested in trading nud pictures or videos by email?

I would love to see your pics....the naughtier the better!

same here I just get in moods and I take pics it's sexy fun

We would both love to see them, do you mean on EP or private. Anne would not show on EP.<br />

Like we have just posted, we take and enjoy so called 'naughty' pics of each other and we share same with other like minded couples, we say if it offends you, then don't do it but do not knock others who enjoy doing it.........Mike and Anne

@Cheyenne, and licked, kissed, fondled, etc.

Live and let live i say.

Do you share them with others? I'd sure love to see some. Your bf is a lucky guy.