I used to be the quiet(in a sense) innocent little girl that may or may not have had some sexual experience, but definetly never flaunted it.  I was a very late bloomer, and was always more of "one of the guys".  Yet, after my first year in college I began letting myself open up.  In a matter of a year and a half I went from the girl that was very unsure about wanting to have sex, to having 9 different partners.  And now....

Well now I am a flower in full bloom ready to be seen.  To me it's not necessarily about attention or really even showing off.  Just taking the pictures and liking the way I look in them is erotic enough for me.  In fact my sex life has been vast improved.  Even though I have been with the same man for over two years, I couldn't ask for better sex.  And now that I am more open and free about showing my body and much more comfortable with my own sexuality then I ever could have imagined I would be, sex is so much more enjoyable.

There is just something about posing is naughty lingerie, stripping out of it, and touching myself and seeing the pictures that just turns me on so that I just need to be with my man. 

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Hi Gabby, I'd love to be added to see some of your pictures if you will.

I would love to see some pics please add me

I would love to you in your lingerie. Please add me.

you should put some in your profile