Had A Clear Out

Awhile ago my girlfriend printed a lot of A4 pics of me showing my 1.5" soft **** and my 3.75" hard on and stuck them all around my flat on the fridge and walls ect if front of the windows about 12 in all. and as i live on a ground floor flat with the curtains open this was a bit risky. (it will teach me not to upset her again in a hurry).

well this week end i am having a good spring clean and so i decided to dump the pics. i put them in a bag with other rubbish and took it all down to the communal bins and at first just dropped them in a bin. and i noticed you could just make out that i had dumped some pics. so i rearranged them  on the top of a full bin in such a way as you can see they are pics of a near naked male but you cant quite see my little bits. i have been back to the bins 3 times to see if they have been moved as it would mean someone has seen them but so far nothing.

i find it a thrill to think someone may come across them (as if by accident and what they may do or think) it is possible if the they look closely they could work out who had dropped them. if they i do i will let you know.

jaybee994 jaybee994
56-60, M
Feb 14, 2010