This Dirty Old Man Just Took A Full Frontal Nude Of Himself

I had recently posted some naughty pictures of myself featuring close-up of my ****. One of the beautiful women of EP critiqued them. She said that women don't like the ultra close-up style I had posted but rather want to see the full figure of the man. I thought about this for a while. This woman has not been bashful in sharing her body with us. She has not hidden her face, even. And I thought, why should she? Nudity, per se, is not illegal nor immoral. It is (or it is with a beautiful subject like the woman of whom I speak)  beautiful. It would not be illegal nor immoral for me to do the same. And as I have said elsewhere in the on-line world, I'm retired - I can't be fired; I have nothing to sell and nobody's going to refuse to take my money for groceries just because I got naked in front of a camera. So why not. I thought all this while I was getting ready and taking my shower.

By the time the shower was done I had decided to do it. So while I was making my coffee and getting ready for my day I didn't get dressed. Had not quite finished getting the pot ready when The Woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life (but not my sex life) came downstairs. I heard her and faced the doorway. She came in and saw not the bra and panties I might have been wearing but only me, facing her, hiding nothing. (In bra and panties I might have covered up a bit more, actually). No bad reaction.

So I set up the camera and kept snapping away until I got one that showed me top to bottom (well, not my feet), processed them and posted one to my profile. As I had promised I informed the beautiful woman I had done so, she saw it, and now I am telling the world.

It's nothing you haven't seen before. It shouldn't be a big deal to anybody, male or female, gay or straight - except to me. I overcame a fear, a shyness to do this and I'm glad.

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I have now added a few more.

That picture just came in handy - I sent it to a friend from another site (female, of course) and she liked it, she really liked it. And, maybe partly because of that, I got lucky in an on-line sort of way.<br />
<br />
Is there an experience group for that, I wonder?