It's So Much Fun

and empowering to take pictures of myself where I can choose to keep them for myself or share with whomever I wish

GoldieMtZion GoldieMtZion
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38 Responses Nov 20, 2007

Would you be interested in trading nud pictures or videos by email?

I would love to see some

Can you send some of your pics?<br />
Id love to see them.<br />
I am in south america ,,so dont worry,,,I would also send back at your request.I never resend,hope you dont either.<br />

sounds ok but would be more fun if you got someone else to take them

I share my pictures with people who really shouldn't be seeing them :-p<br />
<br />
It's so bad...and hot!

i would love to share pic's with you!

i would love to share some pic's with you!

it is very erotic and special when you can do it for someone

awww mike don't be so modest...

I would hate to have my pea-shooter compared to some huge assault rifle though....!!

HAHAHA...anyone else offering? we could have a two for one special!

PAPPA, be careful what you ask for... Mike's offereng today!

ohh cute BigPappa, say something like that then run away lol..that's a very good point Mike

It's not how big it is, it's how big you can make it look in a"Justin"McNeil

oh ok big lol...lmao!


Please, Mike.... No.

I was only going to send pics of the ugliest part of

oh I thought that's why you named yourself bigpappa...


I can send you some of me if you like...JRSK007?

I sure would love to see... as you all know I am more than willing to let others look at my work.

mike!!! i'm going to let that one go.

haha mike

Clearly, it was uncharted territory! haha Didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before...

The surface of the moon?....An aerial view of a ruined rainforest?....Come on Miss tell us what it

oh no I believe you...that's hilarious

I'm not joking, I actually did this. It's a sad state of affairs!! haha, rock formation, something very unfamiliar and frightening!

You could have sent it to school as a show and tell Fifi...see if any kids could tell it wasn't a picture of a rock formation or

FiFi, I needed that laugh right now...sorry I'm laughing at you but that is too funny

I made an attempt at this once. I took the pic wayyyy too close up and it scared me!!! Don't think I'll be trying that one again, any time soon! ha

what do you mean you're joking?! I just received your second email and I must say....DAMN!!! lmao

woohoo! wanna trade some naughty pics then Goldie ;) lol j/k

oh good for you's fun and sexy

i got some of those too it makes me feel sexy <br />
i let my boyfriend take a few of me on his own but I got a nice lil collection I took of myself.

Great story...can only imagine what they look like and how you feel when you take the pics!

may you share with me?

Taking pictures of me really turns my husband on (and me too although I don't let on)