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Bbw Nude Pics

I luv taking pics of her when she's walking around the house in her panties. N she's not aware that I'm taking the pics. Mmm. Then I like to post them n see what guys think bout them n her.
Califcpl Califcpl 46-50, M 30 Responses Jun 29, 2013

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I think she looks real good in them.

Would love to see her....please add me?

i think your wife is fabulously sexy

Love to tell you what I think. Please add me ?

Would love to see them

That's the way I take pics of my wife. Unaware! Otherwise there wouldn't be any! Like to see yours.

I would love to see them too!! Will be sure and tell you what I think if your willing to do the same. Are You?

I've done the same,, EP deleated them

If you say they are without her approval or unaware, those phases will get them deleted, sometimes. Repost tem without any reference to that. You can also put them into stories f you are careful what the subject is or you can message them. I'd love to se her. Add me and you can see my wife and me.

Love to be in your circle!

I think she is hot. I would hit it.

Add me soon please.

Love to see her

Love to see her in panties. Please add me ? PS. My wife is a 38D as well.

My wife too, 38D. Hopefully going to get her a new bra or two today. Might get pics to share. :-)

Is she busty on top?


Niiiiiice.... would LUV to give her my big **** in front of you!! make her earn it tho!

Love to watch her beg for u to let her *** all over ur ****. Umm

love to see your pics of your hot wife !

Please add me

I so enjoy looking, more like lust-staring, at your sweet wife. So very hot. I'd love to see more!

Love to see them

I would love to be able to tell you what I think.

I'd love to see your pics and tell you what I think, how about an add

Love to see em, please add me.

She's not aware,so she's spontaneous,the pictures must be so exciting!i'll see them once you add me and tell you what i think,cause i like BBW,too!

sounds hot to love to see them

She's nice.

How do you go about getting the pictures?
I am the same as you in that my wife does not know.

i would love to tribute your wife's pic live on skype so long as she is watching too:)

I would love to comment but I haven't been added yet.

Panties are totally sexy. Even b etter than nude .......... sometimes.

I have been taking nude photo's and filming my bbw wife with out her knowing.
It's a big turn on

and I'd like to see them, will let you know what i think.