Life Is Too Short husband is out of the hospital after trying to do himself in for the fourth time,i am trying to keep an upbeat atitude. we live a pretty dull life,i work every day and he is disabeled so he doesn't get out much. i want us to do more but it's like pulling teeth. today is the parade for st. paddy's i would have loved to go see it even though it's rainy and cold,you can always bundle up,but not him says he's seen it for over ten years,want to go see the grandkids, not him,because of what he did and now that he is out no one has called or visited so it's like f them all.  i do see his point, iv'e called the kids and their pretty much done with him. it' sad,i know and he knows that he needs help and he doesn't understand  why he keeps doing this i personally think it's his meds. he's on way to many for too long they have got to be doing something to his system. so any way i'm just going to take life one day at a time.

overfifty overfifty
51-55, F
Mar 14, 2010