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     We live in a world where there is a great deal of negative stigma attached to those of us who take opioid pain medications, or any narcotic medications for that matter, on a daily basis.  Not only is this unfair, as the vast majority of us are either incapable of performing routine physical tasks (such as walking, lifting, bending, or other vital functions many others take for granted) without these largely naturally plant derived medications, it is also quite hypocritical.  For instance, in my case there is no surgery to date that would fix my back after a very serious car accident some years ago.  Even should there be, I personally would never be able to afford such luxuries as they are reserved for the rich and insured.  I can however manage to come up with enough money each month (shopping around mind you), to afford my generic prescriptions for pain.  As my condition is chronic and healed improperly some time ago, I personally do not see the situation improving on its on accord anytime soon!  In fact, over the years, it gradually gets worse, hence the name Degenerative Disc Disease.  The fact that the result of an injury can become classified as a disease as it will affect you for the remainder of your life should say something about why it is we are on medication in the first place, and as there isn't always a cure to this disease - what is so wrong with treatment using a daily regimen of medication?  After all, this is America I'm living in, and they make a pill for absolutely everything imaginable right?  I'll never forget my late grandfather's reaction when he heard that my cousin was gay, word for word "Don't they make a pill for that?".  Now, if it weren't for the politically incorrect nature of the concept, we as a nation would likely have one!  Pain is nothing new at all, it is a natural sensation and alert system for our bodies.  The problem arises when you've a condition that causes you such severe pain on a daily basis that it significantly effects your quality of life.  So I ask, who cares if you become addicted to these medications as you will likely be taking them for the rest of your life?  So long as you do not abuse or misuse these remedies which have been around for centuries and are far more safe than new experimental medications being developed in labs around the globe, where is the harm?  In my opinion, there is none.  In my experience, family can be the most critical of the fact that you are taking narcotic medication - when in fact you would hope they could be the most understanding.  Although I must admit, I've no ordinary family (if there is such a thing), as they would likely will their arm to grow back in the case it were chopped off rather than go to a doctor or hospital (not even kidding...)!

     So where am I going with all of this anyways?  Good question that I'm not sure I've the answer for.  I guess I just wanted to be sure to share my opinion on the matter and am perfectly willing to admit that I look forward to my next dose :)  Having also dealt with MDD and GAD since early adulthood, any elevation in the pleasure zones in my mind as a result of the medication I am on is highly welcome.  I do not feel anything aside from relief when I take my meds, though as I've been on them for years this is no surprise.  I think this is a large part of where the stigma comes from, as for us it is not the same as when you get a tooth pulled and are on a pain medication for a few days.  Those people feel a "head change" when they take the opiate.  We however do not, and that is the key difference leaving the majority of people under the impression that we are all spaced out on our medication and are junkies.  I'll tell you this much, if it weren't for opiates, I would be one hell of a lot more useless not to mention angry and possibly even violent as a result!  So if I have to hear it from one more person in my life that I shouldn't be taking these medications, I think I may just tell them to try rolling their car about four to five times and surviving before telling me that ever again :)
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I take pain pills everyday and if I did not I would not want to do crap and the only way for a medication to work for chronic pain it seems like it has to get your brain high in some way. Its hard for people that don't have a pain almost always to understand what your going through. same with addictions, depression, fears, etc people don't understand things that there not experiencing.

I take 60 to 40 milligrams of Oxycodone a day for chronic pain, I understand. I wish they worked better. I am seeing a few different doctors; one of them wont prescribe the Oxy unless she "weans"'me off. I have a documented , ongoing medical condition that is permanent and she, a physician, acts like I'm a drug addict. I have to pay put of My pocket, and I really cant afford it.'<br />
Good luck with everything!

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties in finding a good doctor. Likely the problem lies in the especially negative stigma attached to the Oxycodone in particular. It's abuse potential is very high, and most doctors will automatically red flag you on the off chance that you even mention it! It really is a shame as it is one of the best chronic pain medications available - and they are working on phasing it out with those meds which have a lesser potential for abuse. I would reccommend MS-Contin, it works great for pain with little side effects and there are options for breakthrough pain which together have done well for me. Of course, everyone is different and it's unfortunate that we get labeled as drug seekers simply by knowing "too much" about the medications to treat pain. Best of luck and I hope this helps in your journey to find acceptable pain management to improve your quality of life!

good show emonkey - luckly i have a family that is firmly [wife, 2 sons and a loving daughter] behind me in my treatment of the drugs i have to take the rest of my family are just a bunch of ***** if you read my profile you'll understand. try to have a good day and god bless

good afternoon sir - i'm glad there is someone out there that admits that they take legal drugs on a daily basis, as i know exactly what you are talking about. as many doc's have told me [the ones that prescribe my meds] that there is no drug out there that will take away the pain but they will make the pain more bareable. . . .i too must take a certain amount of drugs every day for 4 damaged disc in my neck, an impacted shoulder [put my elbow where my shoulder belongs, a broken tail bone, a pinched nerve in between tha damaged disc in my neck, suffering from post polio syndrome, and finally but not last just had my left leg taken off do to an infection [called myrsa] doc told me i was one of a few that had this infection that is still alive and talk about it. now i'm in a situation that the infection was bad enough that i might lose my other leg, [ 75% to 25 % not in my favor. when i admited that i took legal drugs it seemed to get some EP peoples nose out of shape, and like you said without them i probably be one of the most miserable mother -#$%^&* on this planet. so the best i can do is wish you the best and hope to here from you some day and maybe shoot the breeze. wishing you the best

Oh my footless, it sounds to me as though you've even more so a need for the meds than I do! Not that there is any such thing as "good pain", though I can only imagine what kind of chronic pain you must have to deal with, hy heart goes out to you and wish that you may again defy the odds and fall into that 25% with your other leg. It never hurts to get a second opinion before a majory surgury, though you are ususally the best judge of your own body when it comes to matters such as these. On a more positive note, I am thankful that opioid pain medications have helped improve your quality of life as well. I personally feel lucky that I've not a worse condition, though I am not ashamed to admit that I cannot get out of bed until my pain medication kicks in - now if that's due to a decrease in my tolerance to pain and an increase to the tolerance of my pain meds, so be it. Again, to hell with those who frown upon all of this as I would consider myself a necessary addict and will never be ashamed of that fact :) Best of wishes to you - it would be great to talk sometime, hope to catch you around!

i have my good days and i have my bad days [more of the latter] but the trick as you have probably figured is not to give in - one of the main problems is how bad is your pain tolerance??? when it's high - it's hard but always remember you have got keep fiighting and never give up - god bless