I do, but YOU need find the right man, for this!!! It will be  so amazing for him that you would even... do this, for him!
But do it only with a sensitive yet masculine man, romantic!!! YOU can be taking, receiving pain, to show him that you love him!!! You know, he will fall in love more passionately with you... because this is really an unusual way to show love, but do it only for the right man. !!!

Submissive love and it's passions!
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if i could find a man to do this i would be the happiest girl in the world

I don't believe that a real man would want to inflict pain on a woman in any form.

Thank you for sharing I'm in a BDMS relationship and love it.

The only thing that bothers me is the pronouns...and, what kind of pain...are we talking about? And third, why can't I find a girl like this where I live...that likes other girls? <br />
This sucks....sometimes I hate reading these, well, I guess, love stories..

I would to, if I could find such a devil in bed.

Taking pain is a deep form of trust, and it rewrites the rules of the relationship in wonderful ways. To take serious (non-damaging) pain is to move into the center of his heart.