Pictures of Me Part 2

after posing nude on the bed for awhile, I decided to go a little farther. I told them they could touch me if they wanted to, but they must take off their clothes. in a flash they were naked! hands were all over me! we all were having fun exploring each other. in a few minutes there were 4 very large c*cks pointed at me! I just had to, I grabbed one and directed it to my pu**y, and in it went! he rode me like a wild stallion, pumping fast and furious, and then I felt the warmth in me as he unloaded his *****.

they each had a turn ******* inside me. then I taught them about oral sex.

what a day!!!!

frfeve frfeve
36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I need retraining on oral...

WOW ... you're a naughty girl! ... And I _do_ love naughty girls ... :-)

yes 4 but only in my mind

I need a clarification.....4?.....the 2 friends and your 2 boys?....