Birthday Party

a while ago, we were just sitting around watching TV, when we got a phone call. a friend of ours was having a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend and did we want to go? of course we agreed to go. knowing me and my habit of going nude whenever I could, he asked if I would bring in the cake wearing as little as possible. why not, sure I replied, how much is, as little as possible? whatever you dare was the response.

anyone who knows me, will realize that was a challenge. 

before we left, I got my hair done, did my nails in black, put on my makeup, put on my jewelery with anklets and toe rings included, and a pair of clear mules.

before we left I warned to host to have the cake ready and I would expect to bring it in as soon as I got there, and that was no problem. when we got there, I had my coat on, we went to the kitchen and got the cake. I left my coat so I was nude, picked up the cake, and the candles were lit. I walked to the living room and entered! what a reception, they loved my entrance, nude with the cake! he had trouble blowing out the candles, but he managed. I told him to sit down because I have a special birthday present for you. he looked curious, but sat down. music was already on, so I kicked off my shoes and danced slowly in front of him, nude. when I sat on his lap, facing him he grinned, when I undid his zipper, his eyes opened wide! when I reached in to pull out his c**k, he almost tried to stop me, but didn't. when I mas***bated him, again he almost stopped me, but didn't. after only a few seconds he was big and hard and all conversation had stopped. I held it with one hand and eased foreward onto it, and he slide slowly into me! I started pumping back and forth slowly and then increased the speed faster and faster! soon I was fu**ing as fast as I could! as he moaned and came, so did I, and I must say I yelled quite loudly! as I looked up, his wife was watching, that made me come again while he was still in me, now he was fu**ing me as hard as he could! this time he came and made a lot more noise, moaning and groaning and I was yelling **** me  **** me over and over! when we were done I just stayed there with him in me, and let the juices slowly drain out. When I got up I said to him, I forgot, I have the icing on your cake, and I knelt down and sucked him dry! 

 his wife walked over to me and said he will never forget this birhday party, that's for sure!


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6 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Exciting birthday party; would I love to have that kind of 'surprise' birthday party.

do you do partys for strangers ?i m sure one of the boys has a bday soon!!!

THis story is sexiting.Already I am dreaming about you coming for my party all packed with your gun and oh.............

I'll be honest, I just love stripping and dancing nude at a party! and, to sit on the lap of the party boy, and **** him, while everyone stands around and watches, that is exciting!

oh some of us do so enjoy your stories<br />
<br />
<br />
so nice you have a great birthday appreciation :-)

jeez, what do you do, sit and wait for my stories? just kidding