I Get Excited Stripping

I know I'm going to have a chance to ***** in front of some guys tonight! he's having guys over for poker, and he doesn't know I have planned to come home early to ***** and then serve drinks nude! I get all excited just thinking about all those guys looking at me nude, wanting my body, oh I love it! the thought of a bunch of guys watching me *****, not knowing how far I'll go, and then the hard*ns when I'm nude, just gets my juices flowing!

well, they are there, playing poker, and I'm visiting next door.

but now, it's 10 PM and time for me to entertain! I walked in the door and said it's just me, I'm home early. how is the game going? they seemed to be upset because they thought the game would have to end, but I said no, in fact, I might even entertain you while you play poker, is that ok? sure they said, not realizing what I mean by "entertain". I put on some soft music and walked around straightening up the room. then, off to the side, I started to sway to the music, soon a few of the guys were watching me and not the game. once they were watching, I slowly undid the buttons on my blouse, let it fall open, and then fall off. now I had their attention!

I kicked off my pants and was left with a sexy bra and a thong. I kicked off my shoes because I know some guys like girls barefoot. now the game has stopped and they are just watching and cheering me on! I undid my bra, held it in front of me for a minute, then dropped it to the floor! I got another cheer for that! I turned around and pushed down the thong, and a cheer went up again! when I turned to face them, freshly shaven, the loudest cheer came! I think men like a shaved pu**y because it makes them think of little girls, I don't know, don"t care, I just like the attention my shaved pu**y gets! because it as just shaved and smooth, I went to each guy and let him touch my ***** and feel how nice it felt.

I then said I'm going to get your drinks. when I came back, still nude, I served the drinks. I watched for a few minutes and then announced, "I'm going to give the next winner a prize!" now, most of the guys are friends of his, but a couple, are friends of mine. two of them were guys who worked for me, and the other was a customer.

as it happened, the customer won the next hand. I had to giggle at that, he's going to like his prize I thought! now he asked what the prize is, and I walked over and sat on his knee, do you really want to know? of course he said.

ok, and I got him to stand up and move out onto the floor a little with me. I stared to dance and got him moving a little, as I danced, I started to undress him. at first he hesitated, but then the drinks got to him and he went along with it. soon he was down to his shorts. and I must say there was a big woody sticking out! as I danced, I rubbed up against him and then slid off his shorts! now my hands were all over him, but mostly on his woody! I cleared the table off, and lay down on my back on it. as I lay down, I pulled him toward me, and then into me! now picture this, I'm laying on a table, with this guy starting to **** me, and all the other guys watching!

what a turnon! to have this good looking customer sticking his c**k into me, and all the other guys just feet away, watching me get fu**ed! as he fuc**d me, I mas**rbated and rubbed my g spot. just as he came, so did I. and I squirted about 3 feet!

I just had to have more! I told them that I wanted all of them to get their clothes off and get into me! one after another they blew in me, I think my employees has the most fun ******* me!

all the time I was getting fu**ed, he was taking videos and still shots of the action! he got a shot of each guy getting into me and the look on his face as he came inside me!

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Hi Eve. I love reading about your experiences. You are such a beautiful and sexy woman. I think we live just a few hours north of you and would love to share some wonderful experiences.

Yes this is my fantassy.Myself and my patrner doing it in fromt of a group of friends or new.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the show.