Growing Barista

At a coffee shop that I frequent, there is one barista who has what are probably the nicest curves that I get to see on a regular basis (there is only one contender for that, but that is a different story). She has a slightly above average face, so it is really her body which makes her so deeply sexy. Her frame is about average, she has a soft waist which is neither slim nor fat and is a wee bit rounded but not protruding, this tapers down child-bearing hips with a round and juicy *** that is definitely the finest that I see on a regular basis. When she presses up against the counter, it pushes into her belly some, so I can tell she's soft. She usually wears girl style t-shirts (I don't know enough about fashion to be more specific), but not the ones which contour very closely with black jeans. She generally wears white or light colors on top and dark pants, but the impact of her wonderful proportions are still on display.

I think that she started around August and at that point she was at her slimmest. I'm not sure when she started gaining, but I first noticed a couple of weeks ago. Now, post-Thanksgiving, it is becoming a lot more obvious. Her beautiful buns are definitely fuller, softer, and wider than before. Her waist has expanded out to fill more of her shirt and while she doesn't have a potbelly or anything like it, she does have a slight bulge now over her pants in the front. Due to growth in the obliques, the proportional difference between her middle and bottom has shifted some in favor of her waist. I wouldn't go so far as to say that she has love handles... but I think that it is clear that we are heading there. I suppose we can say that she has a belly now, albeit a small one. Best of all, she is starting to pudge up just a bit under her chin and on her cheeks. Since her facial bones were a bit too prominent for my taste, I find that with fuller cheeks, her face has gone from about a 6 to an 8.

My guess is that she has gained about 15 pounds with a couple of inches on her hips and maybe 3-4 inches around her seductively soft middle. I hope that she has a boyfriend who is encouraging her to indulge herself so I can continue to get free ************ material with my dark roast.

Unfortunately, this girl is very much a product of Kentucky and does not have much of a personality. That means that I don't get to see her smile, which is a shame since she has a gorgeous set of teeth. It also means that she doesn't have the kind of charm or quirkiness that can really animate a girl's looks and serve as a force multiplier of sexiness.
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How fat is she now?