How My Girlfriend Started Gaining Weight

I remember being at dinner by my girlfriend's relatives, one christmas a couple of years ago, and I was asking for seconds when her mother said "you really can appreciate a good dish my boy, and it shows, that little potbelly of yours wasn't there last year, have you been piling on the pounds lately?" That sentence made my girlfriend burst out laughing and got her really excited too. Indeed that year found me at 185 lbs, in spite of my usual lean and muscular 175; not that much, nonetheless for the rest of our stay to her relatives (ten days), my gf was constantly teasing me and pinching my sides. But she also started eating from my plate after polishing hers, telling me with a grin "you cannot say I'm not trying to help you get rid of that chub" and every time her mother presented with leftovers she quickly volunteered to finish them in order to do a good action and prevent me to pile on even more. She had a big time in those days poking my belly and making all of her family gently laugh at my expense, but I had my even more big time when we came back to her relatives for easter break that same year: it was a warm april afternoon and as soon as we sat on a bench in their garden her mom made a face of surprise while looking at her daughter and said something like "gee, someone really got into helping her boyfriend slim down, isn't it?". My gf seemed to be taken a little aback from this, even if she knew she had put on a few pounds. During those last four months she had been too focused in teasing me to take full notice of her own gain; but her mom was there for let her know, and pointing at her belly said "honey, does that new spare tyre of your count for more or less than 10 pounds?" but she answered genuinely something like "mom, no way I have gained that much!". Thankfully, my gf is not one who gets stressed about this kind of things and besides she has a great sense of humor, so when her mom, her dad and both her two brothers betted on a gain of more than ten pounds she decided to go and weight herself. Obviously I was in heaven, and even more when she came back with a fake pout on her cute face. As soon as she started talking she began laughing even if she pretended to sound serious, because the situation was indeed pretty funny "well, it seems that trying to be helpful can be an heavier duty than one could think" her dad got it and asked directly "how much heavier, honey?", so she had to say it "like.. 14 pounds heavier..". Everyone burst out laughing, even she did.
We spent the whole week with their family and, for my pleasure, everyday there was someone joking and teasing her for her belly roll, or her new love handles or something like that. I also overheard her and her mom talking, and when her mom asked, not meaning to scold her but just out of curiosity, if she really had put on 14 pounds without realizing it, she answered that she knew she may have gained a few because her trousers got tighter but she didn't thought that much and she just didn't bother weight herself because she never gained weight before. The same night after a hearty dinner her mom said "well, I have some leftovers here.. but maybe I should just consider to throw them away instead of letting them go and ruin someone else's figure" but she sounded to be a little sad, I thought she was happy when someone fully enjoyed her culinary skills, so I volunteered to take a share in spite of the risk of ruining my figure, and my gf did the same.
Once we were in our own home a few days after I asked her if she wasn't embarrassed by her family noticing her gain and joking about that, and she answered "I was indeed, I'm not used to be the chubby girl, but I told them.. it's not my fault, it's yours! You gained weight first, it simply seems that I couldn't let you alone!"
Wow , my story got a bit long.. but I was trying to tell this: she said my gaining triggered hers, and it's true, but after that she got a little over than I did, since I managed to stay at 185, gaining no more than 10 pounds, while she went from a thin 115 pounds (she is 5'7") to a plump 145 pounds (yes, she didn't stop after that 14 pounds gain!) in just a little more than one year, letting her flat abdomen grow into a softer tummy, that folds in two nice rolls while sitting or bending and hanging out over her trousers even while standing, her former toned legs are now pudgier and thick, her *** is bigger and there is a hint of cellulite in almost all her lower body, and her **** are one size bigger even if a little more saggy. She seems like she has got a new soft padding all over her body. Surely she complains for her new chubbiness and she says it's my fault, but she also enjoy the effects her sexier body has in our sex life and in front of a slice of cake she at most say "you know I shouldn't.. but as long as you don't mind a little more padding on me, why should I resist."
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Great story Donnie. Can't wait to hear how this story goes in the future. Keep us updated.

You may like my story also.

Definitely sounds wicked, great story ;-)

So are you planning on gaining a little bit more while she continues to gain, or just letting her keep on growing?

Hahaha, there has been no planning on that ;) I means.. it just happened; maybe I helped things a bit by supporting her love for food and bringing her out at restaurants (A LOT), but we haven't planned what has happened. And what is still happening is that I've lost weight. I've got from 185 down to 160 lbs. On the other hand she has piled on 10 more pounds, so she has gone from 115 to 155 lbs. And that is so funny because she used to weight 70 pounds less than me and now we are just 5 lbs apart. I'd love to see her getting heavier than me. She is shorter and a female, so that means that she really has packed on well in these last 3 years, and now we are a well assorted couple: thin boy and chubby girl. Our roles got totally inverted: now she is receiving all the teasing and comments from her parents for having grown a soft potbelly and for having got two soft childbearing hips instead of her once bony ones. When she looks at me now she pouts and tell me it's just not fair that she is the only who has grown chubby, while I keep being so lean. But I love the difference between my body and hers now, so much more feminine and luscious. I've not plans for the future, but I'd love to see this trend going a little farther! ;) By the way thanks for your comment! And what would you do? Let her grow alone, stop her.. I'm just curious!

Not sure I'd stop her either.. though I think I'd look at getting a bit bigger myself, but that's just me :-)
Good luck with it mate, oh yeah, and ask her if she wants to be bigger, discuss it all with her, sounds to me like she might just want confirmation that you love her being bigger and if she wants to do it then you are happy for her to keep growing??

I've let her know very well how I find her more attractive with the added pounds and how I think that 'beauty' comes with at least 40 pounds more than what a model usually weights. But she seems to refuse the idea; every time I point a nice plump girl to show her how cute a girl with a little pot belly could be, she just say “come on, she should loose at least 20 pounds to be cute!” And she thinks she herself should loose a good 20 pounds to get her shape back too. At this point she is not fat, she is just pleasantly plump, with nice curves, some cute fat rolls when she sits and a hint of cellulite on her widened butt. I love it all and I've told her plenty of times. She just keep saying she would be happy to get rid of all of these flaws. On the other hand when she is in front of a big pizza or a slice of cake and I jokingly ask her if those things will do any good to her diet she just laugh and says “Diet? You know that dieting isn't for me.. I could never be on a diet!” and she eats hearty portions with gusto. Also in bed during sex she seems to have different thought towards her plump body: she often grab my hands and place them on her belly or on her hips and ask me to squeeze her fat or to pat her fat ***. She knows I love to sink my fingers in her luscious padding but she is not doing it just to please me, she really get turned on like hell feeling her plump body squeezed and dominated in bed. So I think she has contrasting feelings about her softening body, she'd like to be thinner to match social standards, but in a more intimate dimension she loves to be pampered, to indulge in her favorite foods, and also to have her excessively well fed body squeezed and jiggled as it is a clear exhibition of how spoiled she is. So I have no reason to stop her indulging on what she likes right now and I'm looking forward to see what will happen. About me she says I should eat more; I think she will feel less 'guilty' for having grown bigger and softer herself if I would have gained some fat too. But there is something so sexy in seeing this growing difference between my lean body and her luscious softness that I got somehow addicted to it.

Well, you could always gain 20 to 30 lbs and make her feel better as she continues to get bigger - THEN you can lose the extra ;)

I think you are right.. it all started with me gaining 15 pounds 4 years ago. It triggered all what happened subsequently. I mean, she seemed to be really amused by my accidental gain, she had a lot of fun teasing me for my belly, and she was always poking it jokingly or touching it with affection. She was really supportive too as she helped me a lot in 'trying to get rid of my chubbiness' as she used to say teasingly. That was strange since she was enjoying that chubbiness. But her helping didn't mean she was cooking less or we were hitting our favorite restaurants less frequently. None of this. Our table was still well prepared with genuine and nourishing meals everyday, and we were dining out at least twice a week. Her helping consisted in teasing me and eating out of my plate to prevent me from gaining more. She was not used to have dessert after dinner as I was. Also that changed as she insisted on sharing mine, so when we were at restaurant she let me order which dessert I preferred and then she got used to add: “with two forks, please!”. Also sharing dessert at home got a routine. She got used to cuddle up next to me on the sofa and to demand for her share of whatever I was eating. She was even pretending to scold me if I was having more than her. Thinking back at all this I should say she wasn't helping me to slim down, she was rather enjoying being more relaxed together. My weight didn't bothered her, actually I think she liked her more padded boy as that allowed her to loosen a bit and to indulge in a more pampered life style without regret. And she did indulge. She wasn't paying much attention at her weight starting to climb as long as mine was climbing too; she got more self conscious now that she is the only one being chubby. To see me piling on some sympathy pounds could really get her more comfortable with her added girth.
Are you or have you ever been in a mutual gain situation, or just fattened up by someone, or got teased about that? I've almost forgot how it feels to be the one who is piling on..

Sadly I've not been in a mutual gain situation, or even fattened up by someone, just kind of done it all myself..

Though I think you should perhaps start off aiming at say 20 or even 30 lbs of gain for yourself, just do it slow, just sneak a little extra food when the missus isn't watching.. that way your weight will start to creep up again..
When you start getting noticeably fatter again you can point at it and say to your missus that you clearly must've caught whatever she got.. because you are getting fat again as well!
I 'think' that she'll love that and she'll relax a little more and perhaps gain even more. You might end up loving the extra 30 lbs and keeping it as she'll go even bigger and better knowing you are a little more padded.. so the 30 lbs might be WORTH the effort ;-)
And if you don't find that the 30 lbs is worth it, then you can lose it.. but when you get much much bigger she'll definitely love it and as you are already working out quite well she'll definitely G R O W herself a bit more.

Good luck, keep me updated, hehehe, I'd love to know how it goes. ;-)

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Great experience! Sounds like she loves being plump?

Nothing wrong with getting fatter! Just as long as you both enjoy it! :)