I've Got Love Handles !

I never had it, but know I can feel my hips becoming more pudgy, and my belly sticking out my belt... on the road to muffin top, yeah !!!
I gain 2 pounds fat the last 3 days, and I'm loving it... the fattening process is so inspiring, I'm excited to see my little progression, day after day, measuring it, thinking about the slight fattening of my figure, slow but, I hope, steadily engaged...
aliiix aliiix
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

How big do you want to get?

Hope it stays "engaged" for you!

Oh my imagine you are still kind of slim and enjoying it is really hot would love to share some thoughts or fantasies with you ^^:-)
Hey and have fun ;-)
Lovehandles is the cutes name ever for those cute little chubby parts where a man can really hold a sexy lady ,-) so without you are no real woman ;-)

Love handles are best when they're fat! I love mine! :)

A muffin top is a beautiful things on a girl and it sounds like yours is coming along nicely. Plus almost a pound a day. Keep ganing at that rate and in no time, you'll find you have a lot more than just a muffin top.. =)

So true!

And so beautifull when they get to the real "bulging " stage

And don't forget hot!