Ive always felt like i was different. Not like other people around my age. I guess ive always knew that deep within me i was a wolf. I could hear and smell things others couldnt. And for that ive always been an outcast. Luckly i had friends. Though couldnt seem to understand me and i sometimes scared them. But since then ive never actually me others like me. But still. I had no doubt in my hearth there were others. So since then ive setted myself the goal to find others like me. But no matter efforts it was always the same road. There was no one there.Still no matter how lonely i felt i never wanted to be any different. I never wanted to be someone else. I took pride in who i was and lead me to become agressive when i was a kid. I was always in fights. People just didnt understand me. So over time i became more and more reserved. But still kve kept on looking. But even today ive never met someone like me but now i know there are others like me. And one day ill find my "paradise". The place where i belong.
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You're not alone. I am a Therian as well. I felt this way for so long as well. Childhood was the worst. Though it's normal for litlle kids to play dogs and horses i was so into it that other kids playing would want to stop because i was so intense about it. I have learned about myself now and have a beautiful girlfriend who supports me. But i do still have an empty spot where a pack should be. I'm an Alpha. So i'm trying to start a pack as we speak to try and fill that empty spot, But i know physical packs are often better than virtual because you can interact and be physically there. But if virtual means starting this family i don't see why not. Again you're not alone. If you ever need someone to talk to, rant to, spill to, i'm here. We are all a famiy wether we are side by side or word by word:)

dont worry i just recently found theres another like me in my country... i know im not alone there was always a familiar presence around. a familiar scent but i never found out it really was. Still every time i felt like i was protected. there was always that feeling... I sometimes hear its voice calling for me in my dreams. Still it feels good to let this things out of my mind. Ive never actually told anyone before in fears that they wouldnt understand me. Anyway no matter how tough life gets ill always take pride of being a wolf. And ill always know that everything ive been through only left me stronger... thanks for the support

Good i'm very glad. It's better to have another around like you but un-fortunately they prefer to stay in hiding. But i'm glad you found someone. You're connection sounds very deep with your wolf. Have you gone on a spirit walk to find out what you like and what your name is?

we havent met yet the other wolf and me.. we ve just met through here. I can sometimes see me wolf around and everyday when i go to sleep i seem to go to my wolf body and live a day. then when i go to sleep as a wolf i wake up. Then i feel all numb and sore. i assume that my name is shiro because thats the name the voice calls. shiro means white. that relates because in my dreams im white artic wolf with goldish yellow eyes. ive also found out that my human eyes have a goldish yellow ring within them. so im positive thats how i look like as a wolf.

Wow.. I've never met anyone like you. Should i say i've never heard of anyone having such an amazing bond. You're 16-17 and you are this intact with your true self. This is quite amazing. Therians would be blown away by you.

im 16 and 4 months

I do think it important to meet this other wolf though. It would be good for yu to have someone like yourself. I still have never met another like me, i suppose one day i will. You're very unique and very connected. That's rare in teens. But it's good to see. I respect your connection.

Wow. I know it started at a young age but what age di you realise something was just different? was it physical or just that sense of mind

I guess its because of all ive through... ive lived a pretty rough life since little. I had to deal with deaths of loved one at a pretty young age. And i tended to isolate myself a lot... Ive had always felt happier in my dreams. And having been forced to grow up a lot faster than anyone else made into what i am today. I wouldnt change it for anything in the world. Though i still have scars from my past. Ive been in life or death situations. Ive remained calm in where most people would panic.I get in a lot of contact with my inner self. so much that i even see my soul beside me.

ever since i remember

kinda physical but mostly spiritually. I have sharp teeth. been said that by dentists. im far stronger than what my appearencs reveal. i have sharper senses too. which sometimes is bad. my ears hurt a lot sometimes.

yeah i agree i already know where she lives and she knows where i live. i think she would probably be a little sister to me since shes only 13-15. i cant feel anyone like me in my territory though.

I'm sorry you've had a rough life. But is probably why your wolf came to you and merged with you which is sovery rare for someone so young - no offense- which is amazing. You've even taken on the characteristics of your wolf. You have many reasons to be proud. I'm not even on this level with my wolf yet.

yeah none taken. ive always been one ever since i could remember. when i was little i tended to hunt small animals. i also chased my parents cats around a lot. even today i got this instincts. ive learned to control them. though i have my moments where i just go completely wild and lose control.

what some people find strange is that while my eyes are dark brown if you shine a certain light at my eyes they become fully goldish yellow

Most Therians know they're different but it doesn't come till much later because they don't understand it but you did, all with your wolf's help. I have those exact moments. It takes alot of control to behave yourself. When i was in highschool if i passed someone i didn't like i would try to lay my ears back, tuck my tail and i would growl. People looked at me like " holy hell wtf" i never did learn to control that but the chasing of people walking or jogging down the sidewalk, and the howling and running and romping around i've learned to control. Maybe a little too much.

I've got to go to work un-fortunately so i will talk to you later?

howling isnt much of a problem to me . fact is lone wolves rarely howl. i howl from time to time to see if they are others around but i nevef got a response. ive learne to fully controls instincts about 4 years or so ago. Still i didnt have the luxury of having someone teach me to control them or having research. so it took me about 6 years to reach the control i have know. i used to be very agressive around strangers especially when was with my family. right im still weary of them but i control myself until i sense some bad intentions. sometimes i still chase my parents cats around or other small animals. some dogs seem to be either afraid or crazy around me. ive had dogs barking at me a lot and realky dog barks get kinda annoying

i didnt usually games like that i usually had play fights with my friends. I still enjoy one though i gotta be carefull not to hurt anybody. I had fun booping heads with my arms. I still boop the heads of my parents cats. Its funny to see their reactions. I get in trouble sometimes because of that.

yeah ill be here.

I think about when i was a baby. Still dont know for sure. I do already remember that at about 4 i felt different. I had that wolf pup attitude. I even escaped home to explore. Which got me into a lot of trouble... But yeah i also used to growl a lot. And i used to be in play fights. Also was that kind of hyperactive i never wanted to stop playing. I had gotten into a lot of trouble back then. I used to bite a lot. Whenever someone tried to touch me i would bite their hand. I used to do those wierd short puppy howls. I still remember a lot of things about my childhood. I cant seem to remember much about my babyhood though. But i guess thats normal.

Play fighting was my forte. I used to severly hurt others. They thought they could take me on so we would choose the dogs or wolf in my case we were going to be and then we would play fight. But i would get serious and end up drawing blood and biting to hard, i use mybody strength a whole lot when i used to fight. i was majorly bad about biting. My dad when he was still around was rough housing with me one day and i bit him really hard so he bit me back twice as hard and i cried it hurt soooo bad - but i was really young- so i got mad got up and left never bit him again but instead i went and bit my friend so we ended up play fight aaaand of course i hurt her. un-intentionally of course. I still growl at strangers or people i don't know or don't like. If someone is being introduced to someone i know i have a bad habit of sniffing the air and glaring. strangers i'm curious of i keep a very stiff stance but my eyes are wide and my head is slightly cocked. These are just thing i can't control. It's so natural that it just happens. Howling though because i'm an alpha - though i've learned some rather moderate control- is very hard not to do. i hear a wolf howling or dogs or another person and these little... idk noises come up my throat and i have to swallow and take a breath.

I only used to howl when i was little. Still it was more of a bark than a howl. Yeah im also crazy about biting. I tend to draw blood. I once sent a bully ti the hospital with a severe bite. Still i didnt feel bad at all. I was just protecting my friend. It was anothee moment i got in trouble for just being me. People always pushed me to my limits. But then when i fight back. Im the mean one. That was one of the reasons i started to isolate myself from others. Others kids were also afraid of me. But i still managed to make some friends. I've lost one of them. He changed his ways and became something i despise. It still messed with me because we were best friends for almost a decade.

I can't even imagine how that would feel. Most people are so against uniqueness because it's not how " society" would act. I've acted out in defense of a friend as well i nearly lost the firend i attacked i drew blood from my nails and my teeth adncaused her to swallow a whole **** load of water - we were i the pool- the trouble i got in was immense -.- but i was only doing qhat came natural.

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