Past Life.

From meditating I saw a short scene of my past life. Here is the scene:

I(or a wolf that looked like me)was standing over a sleek black wolf with her head up and howled her sorrow.

That's all I saw. I..... I think that wolf might have been my mother.... There after I saw another vision: My mother was licking me and a wolf(female) beside me while we suckled. It was peaceful. Then my mother gave us our names. My sister,with oak colored fur,was deemed Arabia. And I,golden brown fur,deemed Akani. Then the rest was revealed: While Arabia and I were playing with each other outside the den, my mother was watching us. Then there was a sound if paw steps coming our way. Instantly my mother got up and Arabia quit playing with me. We both looked up at the invaders. One was black with yellow eyes. The other brown and grey. The black wolf stepped forward,challenging my mother. She didn't back down. When I stepped forward my mother barked at me to go to the den. I had no choice. Arabia and I went into the den. My mother fought her hardest, but she was no match for these loners. With her last breath she told us to protect one another. I was only 2 when she died. Years later when I was 4 I had stuck with my sister Arabia and we lived in the den we grew up in. We were going hunting when we smelt an acrid stench of man. We stopped dead in our tracks. Two men came up carrying guns. One had a smirk on his face and he pointed the gun at Arabia, he shot. She fell... He then pointed it at me. I wasn't paying attention I was focused on my sister. Then he fired. I fell as well. My sister drew her last breath the same time I did. When I awoke I was in the sky. I saw other animals around me,but I could see right through them. A silver~white she wolf with light blue eyes walked up to me and said,“ Hello Akani. This is the Spirit realm where the spirits of animals rest in peace.“ I stared gaping at her. She continued,“ I know this seems strange to you,but you'll get used to it.. You'll find yourself alive again,but not in the way you would expect.“ she hesitated then said,“ Akani,when the time is right you will know.“ But alas, the story isn't over..... I awoke with a start. I saw my sister laying beside me, as still as stone. I got up and gently nudged her. Then I heard a rustle of leaves,instantly I flattened my ears and snarled at the intruders. There were four wolves,3 male,one female. The leader, a black male with dark, dark blue eyes, came up and signaled the 3 other wolves to form a circle. The other male,fret brown with dark green eyes stepper toward Arabia, in a flash I rushed over to her and stood over her defensively. I growled. Still,the wolves held their ground. Until a call from an Indian sent them back. Beside the Indian stood a young male wolf(4 or 5)who had his yellow eyes fixed on Arabia. He was silver like the Moonlight. The Indian gave me a bone and I took it. He then motioned for us to come. I followed,I helped Arabia over the hill we were climbing. We then entered an Indian camp. A brown wolf with blue eyes walked up to me and wagged his tail. In response, I wagged my tail and gave him the bone. He walked alongside me as we entered the camp. He stopped then called out and a young Indian woman came. She stared,wide eyed , at me. She knelt down to touch me and I snapped out at her, catching nothing but air. The male Indian laughed and said something to the girl. She started calling me Ji. And our bond grew strong. Soon I learned her name, Sharia. Arabia was watched by the Indian who saved us from the 4 wolves, who's name was Rashi. Arabia often stayed close to the silver male,who's name was Ki,I think. The Indians called Arabia Oakshe. The brown wolf,Jay as the Indians called him, grew closer to me. And that was my first life. I am Akani.
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<p>Hello, my name is Creek. I've had 'dreams' of past experiences having to do with my mate and pups. I've had the same visions over and over almost every night for about two years now. It always starts out with my mate, Shade, and I waking up. Shade was a greyish wolf with a white/light grey underbelly. I was a black wolf with a russet underbelly and russet streaks. Our two pups, Konan (black with golden eyes and a grey underbelly) and Shihara (grey with white streaks and underbelly) would sit in our den, which I believe was somewhere up north due to the cold and long winters and short chilly summers. I would go out and hunt while Shade looked after our own with the rest of the pack. I remember getting ready to bolt for a deer so I could wear it down but then something loud. A bang and then there was a sharp pain in my front right leg. I paniced, racing as fast as I could to hide. I remember falling, tripping over my leg. I lay in a bush waiting for him to leave. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the same spot. The sun is nearly down and I don't hear a single thing. I slowly and quietly made my way back to my den and stumble in. That's the first memory I had of my past life. I don't know why but I've been on a mission, searching for my pack and family.</p>

I wish you luck. :)

Thank you so much. If you come across anyone with those names, please message me? (: I'd appreciate it so very much

I don't think I do know anyone by those names but at any time that you think I might could help you with anything feel free to send me a pm. :)

I appreciate that so much. Thank you, Oak! (:

No problem. ^-^

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So do you think thats why im so attached to the name oak? and Ive dreamed of a silver wolf before but all i can see is a silver head and deep eyes. i cant remember the color of the eyes but i remember that in the dream its all i can see. it only lasts for a moment before i dream of the shooting and our birth again...

Yes. I hope that silver wolf and Jay are resting in peace.

we'll talk about it tomorrow gold i need to think about it more.

Interesting, I know I was an evil wolf back then. Possibly me?

Which wolf would you think you were?

I know I was evil. I killed many.

Did you see a artic wolf with yellow eyes like the one in the picture. With a gray wolf that had brown eyes.The gray wolf had burned fur. I just had a flashback of an indian village. And there were a lot of wolves there.

No, I didn't.

Cool, figured out who your mom is?


Wait... i saw that silver wolf with yellow eyes somewhere... Did he... gah... too much flashbacks. Blood dripping from fangs... A black wolf... One blue eye...
Silver fur soaked with blood...A sentence.. ."We're friends,right?... Anger... Taste of blood... Pain... Growls... Death... Blured vision... Someone screams my name...

Heat from fire... Human screams... Wolf howls...

No... He cant... He couldnt.... I feel the anger taking over... I see the black wolf... coming closer... sharp pain... my neck... taste of the wolf's blood... a howl... a silver wolf appears...he leaps at the wolf... blacking out...

Too much flashbacks. it really hurts

That's a bad flashback.

It sure is... 😕

I dont know what happened after i blacked out. I only that black wolf killed everybody i cared about.

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A black wolf with yellow eyes? I'm not sure if it is, but I think that could be Caius. (My dark wolf.) I don't recognize the other loner.


It is him?

I don't know. But two things: 1: Ask yourself, were you alive in those days. 2: If it was him, you'd better hope he's dead.

Maybe. I don't know if he's dead or not. I have a feeling that Caius and Blanca were brothers... I've been hoping that he's dead. In fact, I don't know anything much about Caius' whereabouts unlike Blanca's.

If he's alive tell him Akani is going after him.

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wow, it's great you know you're past life!

Not always. It's filled me with sorrow to think about my wolf parents.... But this isn't the end of my story... There's still more.


Yes, what about my birth name?

It's close to the word akahi, Akani and akahi only 1 letter difference

Is that all you wished to tell me?



Let it go akahi -_-. Wow her name is one letter from you means shes idk copying you O.O. Not -_-.

Yeah uh uh ......... -_-

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Hi, meditation is really effective, isnt it? At first, I didnt believe this kind of thing, but after what happened last year, I changed. After I visited a certain place, few things gradually revealed thru dreams, same dream. Its like I was awakened, and now there so many questions in my mind about this past life. In my case, I was a human being and what made it weird is my friend was there, too. And, there was an old woman and I called her "Nana". Thats it. Ive never done any meditation; however, I'd like to try it one day. I find hard to do it because I cant concentrate. Im happy for you coz you found yours. Very interesting..^^

Yes,it is. Well some peoples past lives are worse than others.

I thought so.. with all these things going on, life is indeed a mystery... but what matters most is the present, and must live our life well.. I believe in time, everything will be answered..

Hm.... the name arabia sounds familiar. And also does yours. No. Is it? Are those wolves i saw you guys? When i was abou 1 1/2. Me and my companion saw 2 dead wolves shot. He picked up both bodies and buried them. Then i heard a shot. Heamwhahio was shot. The shot was intended for me. There were 2 hunters. One started reloading while the other pointed his gun at me. He shot and i dodged and ran for him. I jumped to him and bit his throat while knocking him down. I killed him but the other shot me in my right back leg. I still was able to run for him but he stabbed me with his knife. I fell to the ground. He pointed is gun at me and i jumped biting his arm. He grabbed his knife again but before he could stab me Heamwhahio shot him. Saving my life. I fainted from the blood loss and when i woke up i was back at his cave. Laying on his bed with herbs all over my wounds. It's still a bit blurry. I cant remember the appearences of the 2 wolves clearly.

Wow. But I'm still looking for my sister. And how my father was killed.

Maybe your father died before you were born. Im also looking for my friends from my past life.

Yes, he did. But I want to know how. I think insufferable humans killed him.

Humans killed on of mine.. he was still a pup. i've updated my story turns out the bear didnt kill me.

That's sad. Looking to see your past life is just a burden for me.

And they killed another who was the mate of my best friend. They even killed humans who helped us im some way.

They're the monsters. Not us.

Hunters are. I found some that were angels. Saving my life and my pack. One even sacrificed herself to save one of my pack. And she was a single mother with 3 kids.


Yeah. Oak meet Wanderingwolf. Wanderingwolf meet my sister,Oak(Arabia).

cool. im Shiro btw. thats my wolf name. nice to meet you oak.

Nice to meet you too. this is a lot to take in.

I know Oak, I know.

yeah tell me about it.

im going to start babysitting to save money to get a better phone and we can talk easier.

Babysitting.... Ugh. But for some reason I think little human babies are cute. They're not when they grow up to be Hunters though :/

yeah but another thing good about it is todays babies raised or taught right will understand care and protect us. so im helping things if anything.

They always stare at me and pull my fur. I think they see how we realky look like.

That's true. Just don't bite 'em if they grab your tail. XD

I only bite hunters or someone thats threatens me or my pack.

*gasp* i just remembered. i was once helped by 2 female wolves... i was starving to death... and they offered some meat. i stayed with them for a while. one day i went hunting to repay them... and when i got there they were dead. both with gunshots. i still felt the scent of the hunters . i went there and killed one from behind. the other saw me and took out his knife. we said something about me killing his friends so he killed mine... he then threw the knife at me hitting me in the left shoulder. then he made the mistake of reaching for his gun which was unloaded. the fear in his eyes when he saw that the gun didnt have any bullets. i jumped and bit his neck hard. crushing his bones. i then howled of victory and went back to the den . there i took the knife out of my left shoulder. the blood rushed out of the open wound. i just rested for a day eating the rabbit i hunted. then i howled for the dead wolves i kept on my journey.

Was...was that us Oak? Wow,I think that was. But this isn't the whole story. Some of it's still missing....

i went hunting... i wasnt there... and there are still blanks. All i know is that it was before i met kuro ( the black female wolf i fell in love with). And i had wounds from a fight with a alpha from a pack ( maybe the one that killed your mother...) all i know is that i would've died if i didnt find those female wolves ( probably you and oak)

Well I guess.... Oh I don't know.

my fur as partially blood red because of the bleeding. And i had cuts all over.

one was black the other was brownish gray.

the females had your fur coulors. one was a oak like brown... the other had a kinda goldish fur. they were both about 4... and they lived alone in a den.

Mmmhm. The golden one was me,the oak one was Oak. At least that Indian helped you. I respect Indians because they live peacefully and connect ith the balance of Nature,unlike people today.

Not only he rescued me 3 times he rescued another wolf. Me and that wolf became great friends. His name was Jyce (moon translated). Both me and him lost our mates. Though he didnt get to know mine. That bear i fought was before i met him. His mate i met and she became a member of our stray pack. She died protecting the womans kids from hunters.

That's tragic.

It's sad but we had our happy moments. I still havent found out anything close yo the full life i lived.

Happy moments should be cherished, no matter how short they sre.

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Just keep on meditating and you'll know more and more. It'll also become easier and longer.

*whines* after seeing that,I don't think I can try again. If that was my mother and father.... I just can't bear to have that on my mind. Though I want to learn about what happened.... Is it crazy that I see brief flashes of my past life after meditating?

No it's normal i get them to. Also you might feel the pain you were in. That fight with the bear really hurt. It felt like all my bones were being broken. So if you want to go deeper you might want to get ready for that.

Okay. Thanks. But I've found another piece of the puzzle.... One I didn't see coming.