Racism Of The Species

(This message is to those who hate all humans, or think they're all bad.) Okay, I understand that if you don't like humans, but is it necessary to call out an entire species? Honestly, it seems like a racist thing to do. I mean, there are humans that hate all wolves, but we can't just let them get to us. I forgive those who hates all wolves, except for the ones who have hurt them intentionally for a bad reason. Stooping to their level means nothing if you only validate their untrue opinions about us in doing so. This is not meant offend anyone, and if it does, my sincerest apologies. Most of us therians were at least humans at some point. Again, this is my opinion. You can feel free to voice what you think, but no rude comments please.
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I agree with you all the way! Glad someone's said it ;)

also i really would love it if someone could make me a werewolf thanks

...You're a wizard?


i may not be a werewolf but im not a human either im a wizard

Well there are those who hurt them intentionally/accidentally. And then the rest think its ok to do that, noticing how they're doing absolutely NOTHING to stop it. And because of this, there's only one thing I'm thankful for Obama being the president. This stupid gun-bann. So then less wolves will die.

*Facedesk*, he's trying to disarm the public of military weapon look-a-likes which arent military weapons, not hunting rifles. His gun ban doesnt effect that. Plus, its survival of the fittest

I know. I commented awhile ago, and now I know more about it. But i still think they should run him out of office. Down where I live, they were holding a petition that could get him impeached (I think thats how you spell it :/)

I love animals I just hate people

Being able to type = Human


Wait is this for real I've seen movies about werewolves. I do believe there are other things we humans do not know. I do believe in monsters and stuff because I've seen some but a werewolf? Wow... Please if you guys are real don't eat me I'm still too young.. XD.

I know vampires exist... Well not the neck bitting-twilight type vampire. But the devil kind.... But a werewolf is kinda idk hard to believe....

The devil kind huh? ;)


I like that. Nice ring to it. The Devil Vampire. Dontcha think?

I don't think feeding is a sexual act, although sex is helpful because when you're in that kind of mood, your body gives off all kinds of chemicals that stimulate bloodflow.

I know, was jus' chucking my two pennies in.

I think the poster is fabulous. xD



Yep, hello ;)

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I agree, Frost, there's no sense in being snobby or hateful to any being, regardless of species, race, etc. There should be a basic respect for all life.

Surprise, you're human too. Guess you're joining the rest of us in hating the human race. Perhaps, instead of being angry, make a change.

I myself dont hate humans. But there's just times were i completely hate human nature. I believe that no matter how evil or bad someone is there is a speck of light within them. I just dont understand their fear of us. It's unfunded. And their hatred for us.Still there are some who i admire and praise. We just cant generalize, like humans do. Just because of one being evil, doesnt mean they all are.

Im talking about wolves, not werewolves. For werewolves it's a different story. As for their spirit is part human, part beast. In my case mine is and always was fully wolf. But still i agree and i also dont generalize anything. In a humans eye i could be seen as evil. As for sent one of them to the hospital. But i know that was just a act of protection. I was just acting according to my instinct.

Beat up a friend of mine to the point where he was bleeding.

Having a human mind isnt the same as a human soul. And i do behave like ever since i was a kid. I dont interact much if at all, with somebody out of my so sometime im called anti-social. Money isnt something i care about I dont even see the point of it. I tend to live impulsively. I dont think about the future much. So pretty much if someone asks me what i want to do for life, i just cant give a traight answer. Computers hold no value for me, sure i use them, but it's something i could live without and be completely fine.

I didnt think back then i just attacked. A fight to protect isnt the same as a fight to defend. My friend appears just like me. But in fact he is weaker. If im fighting for myself. It's a whole different story.

Sweetheart, you're human. Your body is human and so is a part of your spirit. Nil is right. Listen to him.

Hmm.... good point. But still who is to say that if wolves had a thinking capability like ours, they wouldnt have art and things like that. That is one of the things we'll never know.

Im just saying a hypothetical scenario were wolves through evolution adquired the ability to rationally think things. Im not that a wolf suddenly gets the ability to rationally think.

One question.. For wolves.. How do you guys type on computer?

Well, I have an iPhone, and iPhones respond to heat... Maybe it's possible? 😅

Can anyone explain to me the biology of werewolves and wolves

How? What?.... I am confused XD.. Are you guys.. Uuhhhh XD

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Frost, Therians are humans. You just have an animal spirit and are intact with them.

I knew that. 😙 I guess I should have mentioned were creatures too. It would have made much more sense.

Lol yeah

Your point is true Azuranil, but you are the wolf. It's not a separate entity from what I've learned. Yes, you do need to accept yourself the way you are, but if you don't understand what you are, it's harder.

Oh. Guess I should've re~read it.

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My two wolf parents died from humans. I will NEVER trust them. But I will forgive. That's as far as it goes.

Half human? I'm a therianthropic werewolf. I trust my self. It's humans I don't trust. Granted there not all bad.

You ARE a human. Therianthrope. Hint THERIAN.

You again.

Hello beautiful. You miss me? I miss your sharp wit and superior IQ cutie pie. ;)

Well to be honest I was wondering where you went.

Been here for a while, bee.

I guess I didn't notice you.

Mmhmm. I'm working on it.

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