A Little Sharing

I've already posted this in my blog, and will post it in "I am a Wolf" because I realized I didn't really "Share My Story." And I figure if I'm going to be a part of this community I should do just that. There are a few thoughts as well, but still a general idea of my "story." This is the most I've shared of myself besides to my best friend, so bare with me.

The name I chose for this site is Lycantius. I also go by Lykos. They are two names that I am just fond of, and have used in a couple of stories that I'm working on. Feel free to address me by either of those, or if you would rather, you may message me, and if you give me your birth name, I will give you mine :-)

I've known that I'm a wolf my whole life. Wolf is an interwoven part of my existence, and has often appeared to me in my mind's eye, calming me, grounding me. I'm a Christian, and I believe that all existence was created by the One and Only God, therefore, it makes sense to me that all existence would be connected by a common spiritual "network." Contrary to what most Christians may believe, I believe that many of us begin with an inherent connection to a fellow spirit. Both being in the conception process of existence, they connect and bond, becoming one. I also believe that the human beginning of us makes a choice to bond or to stay separate for whatever reason. Wolf and I became one. As I have grown, other animal spirits have manifested as parts of my being; Spiritual guides inherent to different parts, so to speak. I call them my totems, somewhat in reference to the Native American term. I see them as different parts of the "totem pole" of my existence, of me. Grizzly Bear is my mind, Tiger is my body, Horse is my spirit, Bird is my heart, and Wolf is the foundation, the very base and total of my existence, my soul.

That being said, I know Wolf, I am connected with that stream of existence that binds all wolves of every kindred, and it's curious to me to see so many "wolves" be so condescending and arrogant and..for a lack of better words, "emo." Not the majority, obviously, but the ones who this isn't directed to, will know it. The wolf is proud and respectful, and joyous. We are a powerful race, but ones trully deserving of power don't throw it around. We as wolves should be wiser, and more aware of the image we portray. I'm an old wolf, not in years of existence, but in years of life. I am an Alpha, playful and friendly, but an Alpha, make no mistake. I have no desire to take a title of pack leader, I prefer Pack Protector...although, my "pack" (not wolves, and not all "other" but a pack nonetheless) calls me "mom" because my Alpha tendency is to take charge and take care of those I love, and I will always be there to protect the weak and nurture the abandoned. But even those who aren't Alpha have no excuse to not be mindful of their behavior.

As this is titled, I just wanted to do a little sharing. I was so happy to find other wolves, because I was really beginning to wonder if I would ever find others. And I'm so happy to have a place where I can speak completely honestly and freely, even if it is not all well met, it is still among wolves :-)

May we all live and run free
Lycantius Lycantius
26-30, F
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So im not the only one... As for myself, the body, mind, heart, spirit and foundations are the Wolf. Like you i tend to see the wolf outside my eyes, controlling me, giving me guidance which i take gratefully. I feel happy for you, you have found a pack to protect. I havent had the joy of having a pack yet, but im searching. I've always been the lone wolf, thing that i cant support for much longer, at least it gave me time to learn more about myself. I'm always quiet, seeming like im on my own world, but in fact im paying attention to everything around me. But contrarily, when im witb my friends, it seems like i am extremily talkative. But other than that i dont talk unless i have something meaningful to say or someone talks to me first.

Message me, brother.