It Only Took 40 Years

If you are familiar with me on here, you will know that I have an extensive family history of depression. My birthmother Beverly was bipolar and had clinical depression as well as a host of other issues. Of my 7 siblings, 5 are on meds for various mental/emotional conditions. So..if there ever was a test case for genetic links, mine is one!

My adoptive mother was also bi-polar but it was a special kind of hell not knowing when and why she would go "off" without warning or sleep for 4 days. I lived in a sort of "bubble" with my writing and books to keep me emotionally safe.

When I finally made myself go into therapy, I thought I was "cured" after I made a few breakthroughs and stopped my treatment after my therapist suggested I take antidepressants. I couldn't disagree more with the politics of "Big Pharm" and did not want to be reliant upon something to make me feel better.

A few screwed up relationships and many years later, I have relented and asked to be put on Prozac. I still feel as though I am "giving up" or weak at times but I just recall what my wonderful therapist Lisa (whom I saw last year) said to me.

"If you were diabetic, you wouldn't hestitate taking something to normalize your bg would you? Same thing, except this is your brain." we shall see.. I have been on 5 other meds for my bronchitis and have had moments of fatigue, excitement, and loopiness but I attribute most of those with the other stuff...Once I finish with those, I will be able to better determine how this is affecting me.

I would love to know your experience with prozac..side effects, etc.
choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
41-45, F
Aug 2, 2010