Rebif Gave Me Back My Life

I had my first MS attack in 1992 and it was a really bad one. It permanently damaged my blood pressure controls but after recovering from this 'mystery' illness, nothing happened until 2000. I was living abroad in the far east and suddenly got double vision. One of the benefits of living in a country with no good hospitals is that you can be sent to Singapore for diagnosis. This was where I was diagnosed - in one day, after a thorough MRI and then Evoked Potential tests and finally a lumbar puncture just to make sure. I had a three day course of steroids, rested, read everything I could about MS and then went back home to wait and see what would happen next. Over the next 8 weeks I was hit by one attack after another and by the end of 2000 could hardly walk/ I was doubly incontinent and was going downhill rapidly. If things had continued in this way, I would have been unable to walk within weeks. So we went back to Singapore to talk with the neurologist and check out what to do. It turns out that the only treatment available was Rebif and that may or may not work. Then we talked about the cost and it was very scary. Thankfully, the partners at my husband's firm agreed to pay for it. First injection was fine and in fact so fine that we went upstairs to the free bar in our hotel and got well and truly drunk. We took the Rebif back with us, smuggling it in to our country as it wasn't licensed. By March 2001, I was fighting fit again. The relapses had ceased and I could start exercising to regain some fitness. From that time until now, I have only had two relapses that needed steroids and the last treatment was in 2002. We came back the UK to live in 2002 and this coincided with the UK government's policiy to make the DMD treatments available to those who qualified. I got my Rebif on the NHS without any trouble and it has continued to work well. I think I've been very, very lucky though.
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You have my good thoughts of continued health.