I don't like hallucinogens. Everything I do is legal. Nyquil and Xanax suit me just fine. I'm a downers lover.
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Nyquil will destroy your liver...when I had a heavy cocaine addiction and the liquor stores I tried to come down with Nyquil...and threw up for days...I found when I shot speedballs the crashing wasn't so bad, but the net morning my arms were so tore up from shooting every 15 minutes...payback is a ***** because now I have so much scar tissue they have to draw blood from the top of my hands and that hurts. When i hear people say they could never shoot up because they are afraid of needles..well growing up I fainted when I had to get shots or blood drawn...however, my addiction said you can do this over and over and over. I was so good people wanted me to hit them up, which ruined my high, because their lives were in my hands and when you don't know someone's tolerance you can kill them...Thank god those days are be honest I do miss the ritual of getting the hit ready.

lol I know what you mean, I smoke weed for the exact same reason! :D I'm dt'n for a job though so stayin sober the past few weeks has sucked, but eh, part of the great world of adulthood lol<br />
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I tried X for the first time the summer before last...just one small hit, not enough to really "roll" i don't guess, but really perked up the weed buzz! <br />
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I need somethin to calm me down, might try a swig or 2 of that night time sizzurp your talkin bout :P it kinda like a xanax feelin?

You can roll on nyquil? Sweet, learn somethin new every day :D