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I am a woman close to thirty. I am currently completely interested in "Legal Drugs". I started an experience page called " I had some Euphoria in the drawer" I am not getting as many people as I want sharing stories and getting interested in this....

As far as my story....I am a person that is abosolutley crazy about stimulants....I also can deal with slight hallucenogins. I have tried almost every illegal street drug and have interesting experiences. I am thankful for the legal drugs because of the extra peice of mind that being able to go to an actual store and buy what you need gives you is great!
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When the I had some Euphoria in my drawer page come about yes. Its a very funny story actually but the reason that I set up that page the way I did was because I figured it would be a generalized place for people to go and post information and get things out whether it was about drugs or your puppy or your clothes.... does that make sence?

So is this, then, the Euphoria in your drawer?<br />
<br />
Not judgin ... jus askin. 8)