I Take Risperidal As Well

Because I started to take this tablet Risperidal so late, I can't find a job. My school degree is down, I still have to continue and I am unemployed. I will start a course in hairdressing just to get a job, but I am a hairdresser so it is just a refresher course for me and then perhaps I hope to continue with uni courses.

I am on 2mg and will start on 4mg Risperidal,b efore I stop. I plan to stop taking it after September, because I have then taken it for 1 year. The side effects are at the moment that I have so much time and space and that frightens me sometimes. I have nothing really to do and without a job, I sit here in my flat and thankfully I have a family. I am often depressed and that is a different depression then when you don't have to take Risperidal.  I feel sort of tall, free and too free. Loose, unsecure, it is very difficult to say what I feel. Fact is it is abnormal and but every doctor whould shout hurra. A patient who wants to get a job, that patient is healed, but for me it is pain. The day in my flat is every day is hard. Before it was normal, now it is abnormal.

bridget bridget
41-45, F
Jun 20, 2007