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My name is Sarah, i am 16 years old. As a teenager i feel i have had a rather hectic time. I don't really want to enclose experiences from my past as they are hard for me to talk about, so to make it brief. Had a hard upbringing, very intense relationships with my piers, battle with depression from age 11, overdose at 14, moved a lot, a lot of drug taking from age 15 upwards, diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder at 16 along with hallucinogen Persisting perception disorder due induced by a nasty time on mushrooms, psychosis. Tomorrow i am starting my course of Risperidone which will be the first regular medication i have ever taken, 1 Mg a day. I don't really know what to expect, i have heard a lot of nasty things about it and done a lot of homework around it and have made an informed decision to start the course. I have very strong views about things, i'm a very anti system, opinionated little ***** and this is very against my nature to agree to.. however its just gotten to a point where i can't cope with my extreme emotions and i am going to take the easy route out and just zone out for a few years until i grow out of this horrible teenage hood.
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I am on risperidone and I've been taking it off and one for over a year. It's a pretty potent drug; it can be very sedating and make your hormones get out of whack. But if you take it regularly and get to the right blood saturation it can be very effective. I know you wrote this last has it worked for you? Best wishes.

Hello, it is now two years later haha! . I'm now on the medication quitapine (sereoquel), 250mg a day. I'm pretty used to being on this stuff that I'm not really bothered by the feelings of emptiness or ambivalence (provably because I feel empty and ambivalent!). However I am now not scared to be on my own, I don't hear things or see anything except from the constant visual snow (hppd) which too, doesn't really bother me. I guess I realised in these years that some people do need a little help, me being one of these people. I guess I'm not so angry at the world anymore, thank **** for not being 16! Are you still on antipychotics? How has everything worked out? Thank you.

Hi! I don't advise doing this but I quit all my psych meds cold turkey about four months ago. The last straw was when my doctor switched up my meds and put me on Geodon. When I took it, it was HORRIBLE! I was dizzy and extremely sleepy and I couldn't walk in a straight line. I had to work that day and I almost drove off the road on the interstate. I couldn't hold a conversation with anyone on the job; it was horrible. And to top it off I after I stopped taking the Geodon because of the severe side effects I was up 3 days straight without a wink of sleep. So yeah, I'm on nothing. I don't recommend this. I feel extremely crazy and I scream a lot. Just keeping it real.