My Revealing, Tongue-in-cheek Confession -- Hide Your Eyes If You Can't Handle It!!

It's rare these days for me to do much of anything in the nude any more, but this is one of them.  I wonder if this will catch on, or if it will remain one of those categories that's lingers around the fringes of EP?  I would like to clarify that I have not signed onto this category because showering in the nude is something I've always wanted to try and am just jumping on this here bandwagon for.  I'm an honest guy, and I want to be up-front with everyone who reads this post:  ladies and gentlemen, I confess . . . I HAVE ALWAYS SHOWERED IN THE NUDE!!  I'm not suggesting you watch, and I understand that some of you may have trouble with the idea -- there are so many other places on the internet devoted to nudity, why bring it to a half-decent site like EP? -- but there you go.  I know that I qualify here.

After my shower, I don't even saunter back to my room nude.  I have flat-mates, you know?  And while they don't mind my showering in the nude, they certainly wouldn't appreciate witnessing my glistening skin, in all its clean-and-shiny glory, once I'm finished.  I use a housecoat to protect them from that (one for summer and one for winter). 

I also claim membership in a category about logging onto EP in the nude, although that is really the exception for me than the rule.  I doubt I would ever admit to it, either, if someone were to ask me point blank and I actually was naked.  I'm in various other categories, about wanting to see you nude, wanting to share intimacy . . . love . . . sex . . . or wanting to kiss you all over.  I think a lot of these imply being nude, or nearly nude at least.  I went skinny dipping once, at a very isolated mountain lake in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm even a member of another EP category, if you must know, about sleeping in the nude.  This, I confess, I started doing twenty-five or more years ago.  In that case I'm covered up, though, except during those sweltering heat-waves that sweep through each summer. 

When I'm in the shower, there's absolutely nothing between me and the water hitting my skin, except soap.  Sorry!  Sometimes -- and I should do this more often -- it's nice to make the water just a bit hotter and let it cascade over my neck, shoulders, and back.  Ahhhhhh!!  That's nice.

I have no objection to those members who are nudists, of course, or who simply prefer spending their time naked, for whatever reason.  Throughout my twenties I did an awful lot of stuff in the nude, but only within the privacy of my home.  It was the difference between my public and my very private persona.  I can remember lots of times back then coming home from work, and the very first thing I'd do once the door was closed behind me was to ***** down to nothing.  Watch TV, cook, eat dinner, read, lounge on the couch, do my writing, change the sheets and fold the laundry, read my bills, look after correspondence, play my computer games, play w--  Hey, I don't have to be THAT revealing, do I?  Yes, folks, all of that, AND taking showers -- all of it done in the nude. 

Occasionally, a special woman would be there, too, whom I would be nude with, and who would be nude with me, too.  I think we're all familiar enough with this scenario that I don't have to go into those details, either . . . except to point out that I was always a gentleman.  Ravenous sometimes, but still a gentleman.  I believe this is a worldwide phenomena, too!

So . . . my shower's over now, folks.  I need to put something on, and look at some of the other categories I haven't contributed to yet.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.  ; )
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Jul 25, 2010