Regular Iron Pills Make Me Mucho Nauseous!

I have never been able to tolerate iron in multivitamins. When I was a kid my brothers took the chew-able Flintstones vitamins but I couldn't. After only one I would develop a burning sensation in my stomach. Well, a few months ago my husband dragged me to the hospital because I wouldn't get out of bed accept for work. I'd get up 20 mins before I had to leave and go straight to bed as soon as I got home. Before I knew that slow-fe existed I tried cutting regular iron pills in half, then in quarters. And when I'm on them I feel great-I just can't eat, or look at food, or smell it, or stand up straight...I thought anemia was going to kill me! Thank God for slow-fe! I feel human again with out having to live off of soup and saltines!
soulchocolate soulchocolate
Jan 21, 2013