I Get My Answers From You

One line of song can mean a million things to a million different people. The feeling you get, the understanding of some words is directed at you. Some people might not see it as such, but sometimes, the answers I get, are from songs themselves. A song can truly answer my questions.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

There's a song by P!nk, "Sober" that I absolutely love. When it first came out on the radio, my friend/lover asked my why I liked it so much. I lied and told him that I didn't know because I couldn't tell him the truth. He has a tendency to lie to me and he's a bit of a man ***** and for some reason, I felt like we were drifting apart. I consider him my best friend for a lot of reasons, but at the time, it felt like everything was changing. One night I finally broke down and told him that it made me think of him and our relationship because as long as I was drunk or high, I wasn't feeling the pain of losing him. There are a ton of songs that I can relate to a time in my life where the artist was singing to me. "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch will always make me think of my ex because of the lines "Just walk away, make it easy on us both/Just walk away, there was never any hope/Just walk away, you already know the deal/Just walk away, pretend that none of this was real/No, none of this was real". He led me on for nearly a year before "stealing" his "brother's" girl.

i definitely understand what you mean. it's like you can actually feel it in your heart, clenching and tugging because you relate so well. those songs are beautiful and amazing and its just something you can't describe.

I've done that as well--taken songs to heart--some are the heartwrenching songs that I focus on--other are the pure angry anthem type songs-some are just the make you feel good belting it out as you go--depends on the day, the fr<x>ame of mine, what's going on in my life at that time.