I Take St Johns Wart

I just started taking this suppliment. The bottle says it could take a few days to actually start to notice a difference. I started to feel a little bit better within the first few days however, this is also the same time the weather around here started to warm up to around 74-77 degrees. Unusually warm weather for this part of eastern North Carolina. (Especially in January!) I have had prescriptions for "nerve pills" or "Mommy's little helpers" as I have heard them called. But, I swear, I was in the middle of Walmart one day after taking one and I just wanted to lay down in the middle of the aisle and take a little nap. I swear people were staring at me. These little white pills totally kicked my ***. I think I'll just stay with Mother Natures remedy. So far so good. I question if I will become used to them and have to start adjusting how many or how often I take them. Hmmm. I guess time will tell.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Be careful and dont mix them with other medication as there can be side effects!
Pill free is best! I only take a coated aspirin on every second day and Im considering cutting them out too! I came very close to dying but I survived 100%. It definately changed me for the best and I welcome each day now! I wish you greatness! X