My Best Friend

I took my best friend for granted, she was there when I needed her she was always my ride or die. She always saved me from the evil of the world, and I never really thanked her. I never really thought anything of it. She jumped in front of a bullet for me, saved me from being raped only to be raped herself, she fought all my battles, and most of all she stopped me from ending my life. She has done so much more than that for me. I never thought anything of it. Now that I look back on it, I feel like a selfish cold hearted no good piece of sh!t.

I have forgotten everything she done for me till recently. I lost my heart and soul, I became something that I wasnt, I became well fake. I didnt realize it till it was too late. I might of lost her. It kills me inside to know that I am the reason what we had together is gone. We grew up together, she was my only friend, really the only person that would actually talk to me. In middle school, when everyone was picking on me she was the friend that beat them up for me. She was the tough kid in school, she was the one that everyone knew to stay out of her way. I knew that she had a bad homelife, but I never and will never know how it felt to be in her shoes. And I can honestly say that those shoes of hers are shoes that I know no one would ever want to wear. She is strong to a point. She breaks down, she cries, she gets high, and even worse she allows herself to think that she is nothing. In reality she is an amazing person, she had to fight her whole life, her life wasnt fair, but she is still alive. She may be messed up a little but she can be the kindest person. She would give anyone the shirt off her back and I have actually seen her do it before. No one allows her to show who she really is.

She is always getting ****** over, time after time, but she allows this to happen because well she thinks she deserves it... I just wish she would see herself like I see her.
hellontheheart hellontheheart
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012