Why Can’t People Say What They Mean?

I do tend to take things literally, I have to really think sometimes to interpret what people mean and even then I can be left a bit perplexed and unsure.  Eg did they really mean that? Or did they mean that?  Probably best to say nothing and smile rather than look stupid.

Most jokes are just beyond me.  If you tell me a joke I will take it literally first and then try and make sense of it, but by the time I have figured the joke out its not funny anymore.  This leaves me feeling uncomfortable when someone tells a joke and everyone else seems to be laughing and I’m like er what.  Even if I get, I just don’t find it funny, like so what!!!

Humour has to be straight forward and obvious for me to appreciate it, otherwise it is just lost on me.  I really like red dwarf and find that very funny!

I feel really uncomfortable around really sarcastic people because I can’t figure out what there on about or how I am supposed to respond to them.  People find my gullibility quite endearing and I just find it embarrassing!

People find me funny even though I don’t mean to be.  I couldn’t funny if I tried but through my way of thinking I tend to act in a way that people find entertaining and I don’t mind this.  It’s like I try to be serious but its funny!

I like people to say what they mean.  When things can be interpreted in many ways I tend to get a bit lost.

eelarc eelarc
26-30, F
Mar 2, 2010