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Hello,  trip to her
               My name is John and my wife has MS,diagnosed in 1997 with remitting / relapsing now has  progressive??? On a recent trip to her neurologist they suggested that she may be interested in Tysabri. She has had an implant a (Neuro stimulator) in her but to help control the bladder.However she may not be able to have an MRI (one of the requirements of Tysabri  ) along with blood test. After reading about PML a very dangerous brain ifection I am a little leary.She is 68 now and walks with a walker has chronic pain impaired vision and balance problems.
              We has been through Avonex,that was not pleasant,no help there and Copaxone same with that. Question is has anyone out there  been through similar studies or research before we make a decision
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Hi John,

I'm not sure if you are still reading this website but I wanted to tell you about myself. I am 61 and have had MS since 1981. I am drug free at the moment and have been trying to handle my MS by wholefoods. I have started to use a walking cane since a month ago and am today feeling very stiff and awkward when walking. I don't exercise much and I'm not sure what I should do now. On Wednesday 15th May I am going to have my first Tysabri infusion and I have grave doubts because I would still like to stay drug free. However the fresh organic veegtables which we all need are not so easy to access. I feel as is I am betraying myself.

Sorry to moan. Thank you for reading this.

Lots of best wishes to you and your wife.

Ann Powell