Tysabri Is A Modern Miracle

I am a 38 year old male from Melbourne Australia. I was diagnosed with MS almost 10 years ago and getting over the shock of my diagnosis I began using Betaferon as recommended by my Nuerologist. I went from being a very active sportsman, footballer slowly losing my coordination just a little bit every day. I sustained a couple of large attacks including vision loss which was quite scary and my future was looking pretty grim. My hopes and dreams were disappearing before my eyes. My medication was changed to Copaxone after my request for change after a scan showed progression of increased legion spots on the brain.
Copaxone seemed to do its job avoiding any large attacks but fatigue seemed to a constant issue. After a year with no significant attacks I had been in constant search of break throughs with treatment. I had read plenty regarding the negative effects of Tysabri including a couple of deaths. Scary stuff! Although I wanted my life back to my PRE MS time the positives seemed to out way the risks so I requested to have all of the tests required to go on this drug. I began treatment almost 3 months ago having the infusion once a month in hospital. I can assure you it is a more pleasant experience than injecting myself daily with Copaxone. I even mange to read a book for the 2 hours I am there. All I can say is thank god Tysabri was developed as my fatigue has disappeared, co ordination has improved, I'm doing 3 cycle spin classes per week and I feel a million dollars. I am having my 3rd dose on Friday and I can't wait! From here I hope the development of further treatment continues but this drug has given me hope I will lead a normal life. I can't recommend this drug highly enough but have a conversation with you Neurologist and discuss the pros and cons because no 2 cases of MS are the same.
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I was diagnose d with ms 4 yrs ago at age 61 (my neurologist ver surprised) because that is out of the normal age span (lucky me). On copaxone since being diagnosed and was working wonderfully - now not so much. My dr. Has now put me on tysabri and have had 1st infusion on May 3 and have noticed no change in condition. Do you no how long you need to be on to see a change??