Does Valerian Root Aggravate Nightmare Disorder?

Valerian root doesn't work for everybody. But I came across it in the desperate search to alleviate my insomnia. I think it is possible to develop a tolerance to it.

But my question is, I also hear valerian root is known to provoke nightmare disorder, and while taking it, I've noticed my dreams are indeed more vivid. Does anyone else experience this?

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3 Responses Jul 12, 2009

I took double the dosage of Valerian Rt, and had the WORST night terrors, and I would have 5 one right after another, the first being the absolute WORST. The person is accurate who says it's close to having HALLUCINATIONS. Beware, I was never warned of this.

I am experiencing sever nightmares from this stuff! It is about the 8 or 10 time I had valerian and half the time it is no fun at all. Severe nightmares and close to hullicinations. Never again as it a scary night.

Not only vivid dreams, but i always have nightmares after taking valerian root. They have their own signature characteristics too. I usually witness disturbing events, sometimes there are worms or rats crawling around, the conditions around me are always dirty, and the people around me are deformed looking. This is no joke i am dead serious. I still take it occasionally reguardless, i dont remember my dreams most of the time anyway. I have tried alot of dream enhancing herbs, and never had a reaction to any of them like i did with valerian root.