As a kid, I used to hate taking vitamins. There was a period that whenever my mom wasn't watching I'd hid the pills she'd want me to take in a napkin.  It actually worked for about 2 weeks until one day she decided to wash said napkin and about 30 different pills came out.  It was then she started monitoring if I took my pills.  For a while there I really resented taking vitamins and didn't take any once I reached middle school (got more sneaky about it).  But for some reason the only vitamin I took the most of was Vitamin C.  I consistently took this one for most of my life.  I used to start with just 500 mg.  Then I moved up to 1000 mg.  Then 2000 mg, I know that whatever excess there is, I will just pee it out.  However, I rarely get sick (knock on wood) whenever I take up to 2000 mg everyday without fail.

When I started restricting my food, I had to start adding more vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrients I was getting.  I now take B6, B12, a multivitamin adult, and calcium because I don't get enough of it regularly.  Thankfully I've gotten better at being able to swallow pills.  I know it's a lot of pills that I take, plus my medication that I was prescribed to treat ulcers…I usually take about 7 pills a day…I already sound like an old person haha.  As soon as I finish the medication it just drops back down to three a day.
pinkcorsage pinkcorsage
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2012