This very much use to be the case for me.  I think I might be learning to outgrow this.  I am not sure, perhaps? 

I have been lately just letting things roll off my back, I just haven't the time to let things bother me so much, so personally.  I've been trying to help others with this too, as i know how damaging it all can be to oneself. 

I have not ever been the sort of person who cares what another thinks of me, at least how I portray myself, but sometimes it really would get to me.  then i would get angry with myself, and it was  a horrible vicious circle.  Now I've come to the conclusion, of saying these magic words...

"she's a *****"  or he, whichever the case may need.  hell, they get up the same way i do, they put thier panties on the same way I do.  How dare they think they are better than me as to try to put me down to thier level.  I refuse to be a stepping stone for anyone!  Treat me as a human being, nothing less.  Treat me the way you want to be treated.  I refuse to accept anything less.  And if you try to bring me down with your hateful, selfish words, I will wash you off like my fingers broke thru the toilet paper while wiping. 

starfishkisses starfishkisses
41-45, F
Mar 22, 2009