This is more of a question then a story. I've been reading a lot of articles and blogs pertaining to domestic discipline and in several I've occasionally come across something called figging. In none of these articles is it explained or described. I looked it up in the dictionary and it describes it as a old term for dressing lavishly , or another definition is putting ginger on the anus of a horse so that it will strut and hold its' tail properly. Some how I feel neither of these definitions are what the authors are referring to. Any body know what this term means?
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Definitely not my cup of tea...

As far as I'm informed 'figging' is used as punishment or turn on in BDSM scenarios.<br />
The 'master' carves the ginger into a shape of a buttplug, preferably while the restrained submissive is watching him, to maximize the effect of the punishment. Then the plug is inserted and will cause a burning sensation, making the 'victim' wriggle and squirm in an attempt to get rid of it... For some submissives it seems to be a turn on, while others see it as punishment. If the submissive is a female, it can also be done as 'double' (filling both orifices with ginger). But as far as I get to understand, the Master shouldn't be in a hurry to 'use' his submissive afterwards, as it obviously has the same burning effect on a man's tool... ;-))

Brrrrrrrr,,,now that would serve him right now wouldn't it? I'm afraid to ask where you got that little piece of information and I'm hoping for your sake that it isn't first hand knowledge. lol

Actually wikipedia! When I researched to write my own erotic stories just for my own private pleasure (to get over sleepless nights and rekindle my libido) I came across all sort of things which left me stunned and speechless! Within weeks I suddenly came into the 'know' of things that were way beyond my wildest dreams! And I definitely wouldn't want all these in my real life... I'm a surrendered, obedient wife with a healthy sex drive, but not a slave or into BDSM.

who knew. I'll have to start reading wikipedia for entertainment!! Life is stranger than fiction I guess...particularly when you go back in time and men had nothing better to do then think of strange ways to punish their wives?!

I'm not sure it is a practice used in DD or TIH marriages. I've never read about it in this site at least.. It is more related to BDSM.<br />
They say it was used during victorian years, as a punishment of wives during soankings. I'm not sure if that is historically accurate though.

Well , let's not give HOH husbands any ideas.! I vote let's keep ginger in the fridge where it belongs!!