Taken In Hand

I have been married to my husband for seventeen years and we have had a love hate relationship that was coming to an end. After a lot of research I finally told him that I spoke and treat him like I did (which was horrible to be honest) was because I could and he would never dream of disciplining me. At first he didn't understand what I ment but I finally admitted to him that when I was young I was spanked and that helped me to control myself. He then researched about taken in hand relationships. About six months ago after long lengthy discussions we decided it was good for us. I thought that he would never be strong enough to take on this role how very wrong I was, he has grown from strength to strength I so under estimated him he spanks me when I need it and this has been often, but our relationship has grown for the first time in a very long time I feel loved, cherished and cared for, our marriage is stronger now than it has ever been.
Chrisim19 Chrisim19
36-40, F
Sep 13, 2012