This Means Alot to Me But I'm Getting Burned Out On It

     "CareGivers HealthCare Services" was created by Kathryn J. Briley in 1990, as an alternative and innovative resource to 'home' health-care, in lieu of excessive cost, inappropriate, inadequate and unethical nursing homes and medical participating facilities. 
     I am a 46 yr.old female that started this Health-Care Company out of necessity, with the personal experience of having three family members with debilitating and deteriorating Health Care issues and an enduring devotion, to encouraging and assisting other individuals regarding particular health-care issues and those family members, who are either directly or indirectly involved with them.
     I have joined this site to help the average American citizen, deal with their own needs and the needs of family members, with the home-bound and health-care controversy and am profoundly and passionately Interested in the welfare, of both individual clients as well as, family members who need information and respite, regarding family members, that have home-bound individuals with health-care issues. 
    I am here because:
1. Individuals and Family members with long-term Health-Care needs are a priority to me
2. Resources to help clients with Health-Care issues and the Services available relating to such needs
3. Provide information and experience to alleviate the way the health-care system is impeding the American public in their honest, ethical and devoted pursuit, of applicable long-term maintenance, in the continuing care of an individual or family member, with health concerns
4. Continuing to provide alternative, equitable assistance to those with these needs
5. Provide continuing education and services to persons of need 
      I am here because, I have always loved writing and have used my journalism skills to promote business, to engage in matters of the heart and promote healing.  I have kept a journal on a regular basis since childhood.  In college, I thrived as an English major and I have always loved the use of words, diction, annunciation and grammar, to convey appropriate articulation of thoughts, methods, introspection and healing.

     It is my passion and to a very great and deep extent of personal significance to me, purpose.

 Is someone out there, that can give me advice or suggestions to not be so burned out about this?


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1 Response Apr 2, 2009

I believe your efforts are notable and clearly defined, but I'm at a loss how to help you re-energize your selflessness ... You are to be commended for your motives, and probably aren't being recognized properly for your caring ... Let me be one to say you're a woman similar to Florence Nightingale ...