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My Doll, I'm Growing Attached already

I've hardly had mt 1st doll ever 24 hours and I'm already thinking about her, is she happy, or lonely
In the story she looked so happy surrounded by hundreds of sister dolls, but now I don't know how she feels?
I started a poll question in this group- please take a moment to reply to it- thank you- LAURA
Laurab4u Laurab4u 13-15, F 3 Responses Mar 26, 2012

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So Laura, it has been just over a week now. So update us on your doll Jenny, are you playing with her, feeding her, holding and hugging her frequently, and sleeping with her.<br />
Inquiring minds want to know as you now progress through your girlhood.

How about her name. when are you going to share it. it's difficult to pick a pretty name, but fun.

My dolls name is Jenny, I've never known a Jenny , but do now.

The doll is unhappy when you go to school, she fears you won't return to her. As soon as you get home you should go to her pick her up and hug her and give her a kiss, explaining how you hate to leave her at home. Maybe a second doll should be gotten to keep her company during the day. By the way did you name her yet, I can't recall you mentioning her name Laura. When your home and don't need to go to school she should be with you, even if you go visit Robin, Bev, or Kristen.

My dolls name is Jenny, and she was lonely today, so I rook her along to my bra fitting.

Jenny is a pretty name too. Again congrats on your proper fitting today.