Greetings And A Introduction Of Sorts

Hello, you may call me Kristen, infact I prefer that name.
I've been wearing dresses since I can remember, my Mom has been insistant on that, she loves to dress me up.[more on that another story]
I have known Robin 3 years, we were in the same class at school the first 2 years we knew one another, this year we are in separate classes.
I always liked the way Robin is not so macho, we didn't know we shared crossdressing till this month.
Laura is my newest friend, it'll be fun to get to know all her intersts and stuff.
Lady Beverly is also a new friend , I find her supportive and caring,
Kristen4 Kristen4 18-21, F 2 Responses Mar 26, 2012

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Welcome to the family here. We wish you well and love to hear more about your "ventures" We are wth you all the way here.

Nice introduction Kristen, I will look forward to your further stories here on EP. You have 3 of the best friends there is, cherish them always and be there for each other.

I hope to makr many more good friends here

Just remember we all support you here and want only the best for you and the other girls. God bless. Love always- melodie13