May I Introduce Myself To This Group.

My name is Robyn and you can see the rest of my name.
I am a friend of Miss Melodie.
I just happened across this group of hers when I seen my Miss Billie leave a comment in a story here.

I just want to say to Lady Beverly, Laura, Robin and Kristen that I am here for you as a friend and hopefully a mentor of some kind.
Now I dont live 24/7 as Robyn and some would think that is a shame as I am better at being a girl then a boy or man at my age or at any age come to think of it.
You are all young and starting a wonderful thing in your lives.

And don't be afraid to jump at opportunities like I was when I was about 15. My own mother offered to help me be a girl and do something, not anything, to make money for what she thought come natural to me, like being a female impersonator and be feminine and girlie ( I must of impressed her when she caught me wearing her sexy dress and heels) and I was so scared and shy to take it up.
However I still have her support after all these years and she has even fixed some dresses for me not long ago.

I would like to be a part of this group.
RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
2 Responses Apr 1, 2012

Miss Melodie is someone special to us, any friend of Miss Melodie is a friend to me<br />

Thank you Robin.

Hello Robyn, glad you joined this group and are here to help us, thank you<br />
and yes, you are beautiful

Thanks Kirsten. Is that you in your avatar?
It was giggelets who chose my name, it was Robynthebeautiful or RobynSexyLegs.
I used to be known as RobynHasBeautifulLegs but that was too long. It was a female that said I have beautiful legs. I didnt make it all up.