Bloomers In The Attic

Visiting my Aunt after school has been so cool,not only is she okay with me changing into girls
clothes, she now provides them for me.

She says she won't show me everything I could eventually wear, all she says is " the attic has it all,
even bloomers"

She aalso is happy because my female cousins wouldn't touch any of the items she shares with me.
RobinneeTerry1999 RobinneeTerry1999 18-21, F 8 Responses Apr 11, 2012

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Give your Aunt a big hug. She is puer gold. You could not have a better teacher than family. She loves you and you will not get much better than her. Enjoy the dressing.

you could also ask your aunt to get you a dress or skirt that also needs a petticoat.

I made a note to ak my Aunt your questions Monday after school, hope I don't lose it in my handag.

Listen to Melodie

I wonder how that would have been.really neat.

I'm waiting to meet your AUNT, HINT HINT

It's just really a shame that you girls weren't around in the 50's and lived near me. My mom would have definitely had you all under contract. Believe it or not, a lot of young boys didn't want to be dual gender models and just like regular boy modeling. How crazy were they?

You have struck pure gold my friend! You are now living the good life. Enjoy every minute of it.

Robin, you should ask your aunt if she has any of the little girl dresses with the petticoats attached. If she does maybe she would let you wear one, you would love it.