My Aunts Petticoats And Such

Today after school my Aunt pulled out of her attic plenty of petticoats, and bloomers and so much
soft and silky underwear, and such I don't even know what its all called
it's was really nice to put layers upon layer on undergrments under incredible dresses
RobinneeTerry1999 RobinneeTerry1999 18-21, F 3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

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One very loving aunt you have and she loves seeing your girlhood blossom. So many wonderful pieces of vintage lingerie to be worn by you. There was alot of petticoats and frothy things back then. You are one lucky girl for trying them on and see just how marvelous they are. You and the girls need to petition the stores to make them available again. So many a girl would enjoy them. Enjoy all that nice silky lingerie. It is all so feminine and sweet.

Yes Miss Melodie.<br />
I could not have said it better myself.<br />
Robin, You are so lucky to have such support from the ones around you.<br />
Your journey has started on a solid foundation and can only get better.<br />
And I think as the Princess of the BPC, I can speak for all of us that we all are honoured that you are sharing this wonderful journey of yours with us.

I don't think I could have said any better the giggelets (Bill).