I Have A Little Sister More Than I Did Before.

Laura told our Mother tonight that he, would prefer to be a she,
Laura wore one of my older prettier dresses that I knew Mom loved when I wore
it , They had a private chat with Laura knowing I was nearby if needed, but
I was not needed.
Laura and Mom are looking about my clothes for outfits Laura can wear round
the house.

I'm sure Laura will post a story we can all celebrate.
LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 5 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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I have the best sister ever.

I am certain that the room where they opened up to each other was filled with tears. Not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. The bringing of child and her mother ever closer.

That is delightful news.

I could not agree with 'The Billy' more.

You know, I rarely ever block anyone here on EP but I did today after read one of his stories that was all about a young boy caught exploring his feminine side by the "master" of the house, who proceeds to basically rape this helpless and frightened little boy.

Some pathetic people get off watching helpless children scream and cry, I don't! I love your stories and those of Melodie13 and others free of hurting children or using children to serve their jaded appetites.

I hate those kinds of stories. I love to read stories like yours where real parental love is dominate, not some sexual perversions.

Laura is very lucky on many fronts, and your story reinforces the best in our society, and really good and sensitive parents and relatives.

Be there for Laura!

Amen to that.

This paragraph was written wrong and should read: ..., I love your stories and Melodie13 and others that are free of hurting children...