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I Found Ways For Robin And Laura To Earn Some Spending Money.

Thanks Melodie, your suggestions have paid off in money for Robin and Laura

Laura has been hired to do light housekeeping work for a senior citizen
with my reference checked out ,Laura was hired and has started cleaning up today,
Seems the senior found girls hired in the past did poor quality work and quit
but the senior is happy to give Laura the job cause Laura wants to be a pretty maid housekeeper.

Meanwhile- Robin is hired as a babysitter- seems a Mom has had enough her previous
babysitters, they just couldn't handle the boys who were overwhelming aggressive and
disobient to the babysitters,

Finally- I have 2 Brides wishing to hire flowergirls, howevr at this point in time, they prefer
flowergirls aged 7 or 8
LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 5 Responses May 12, 2012

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thank you Beverly , work was fun and I got money for having fun.

Beverly does so much, I'm glad everyone praises her so much because sheeserves it.

Total coolness here. I too am proud of them for taking on these jobs. Both the cleaning and babysitting will be wonderful for them. I am so glad you found work for them. I am enjoying their femininity coming out more and more. Since Robin is taking on babysitting, she will maybe get the boys she will be taking care of, get in touch with there femininity. This could get real interesting for these misbehaved boys. They may be changed afterwards. For Laura, I am so happy she can dress up as a maid and do the work in the right outfit. I wish Robin and Laura well with their employment. Kudos to both of them.

I am so glad to hear this Beverly. As far as the brides maids or flower girls let these ladies know that a 13 year old is better and more mature as to the responsibilities of the position. Little ones sometimes get their clothes messy at the recitals, crawl all over the benches in the pews from being idle and wanting to go play, then the reception afterwards the smaller ones get tired easier and don't want to cooperate from being grouchy about wanting to sleep. Plus they are technically boys still yet and wouldn't want to bring any unwanted attention to themselves. That is an advantage to the brides wanting a perfect wedding.

GREAT Job Beverly! You are a Saint!!! Encouraging Boys to be Feminine and Sweet is the BEST thing that could happen to a Male!!! You are Wonderful!!