Dress Like A Girl Day Is Coming For The Whole School.

You may remember our school had a dress like a girl day from one class only and
after it was deemed a success, Dress like a girl day was a certainty for the entire school.
That day is coming, Tuesday May 29th.

Myself, Janice, Harley and other girls have decided to help boys on this special day.

We have formed a school group for girls willing to help dress boys as girls that day.

Here is our notice sent home along with the school paper to all students.


Dear PARENTS- Tuesday MAY 29TH our school is celebrating girls with
DRESS LIKE A GIRL DAY, all males are to attend school dressed as girls that day.

A group of girls has formed to help this day succeed,
The girls realize certain boys do not have access to girls clothing ,
so the girls are providing girls clothing to fit boys any age in our school.

To further help parents and boys the group of girls will help dress boys that day.

If your son requires help for that day ,please contact the group of girls thru
the schools offices,

If your daughter can help the group of girls ,they to can contact them thru the school offices.
MissPenny MissPenny 18-21, F 8 Responses May 18, 2012

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You are so helpful Miss Penney to offer assistance to the boys on this wondrous day.

wow, this is so awesome!!

Lmao, do take pictures. Loved to see them, and know how many girls cried from laughing so hard!

have them dress in short skirts ,panties ,bra ,put makeup on them make it so they can live like a true girl that day make shure you put wigs on them and lock the boys bathroom and make them use the girls

I am in full support of this day. Boys will find out just how much nicer a dress will be. We are looking forward to how this day turned out. I do believe that we need to bring about gender equality in the schools. Allowing boys to wear skirts and dresses for more than just this one day will be so beneficial to them. Acceptance and understanding is whats needed here. Penney, what will you dress the boys up in for the day? For this to be a sucess, you need to dress the boys too. They need your help with everything. So I wish you sucess with this event.

Good for u, helping the boys

I have 2 boys already assigned to be to dress as girls.

What a great idea! AND you can offer the SAME services for Halloween too and let the parents know that too. Any parents who agree to the one will agree to the next opportunity too !
Good luck and make the boys enjoy it too !

That is a good notice. You should get some more girls to also join your group on EP as well. I hope Tuesday turns out as well as the single day did.