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Mr X Wishes His Story Shared.

This past weekend I was helping the girls with thier swapshop program , it's where they gave a boy a dress
in exchange for a pair of his current trousers and a shirt.

The girls set up a outdoor swapshop booth and brought many dresses they had worn in their
life and had either outgrown or had grown tired of wearing.

Mr. X ,A man in his late 30's came with his boy, they were planning on swapping for the big
dress like a girl day next week in school,

Mr X told me he personally is dressing his son in a dress that day and hopes it continues
afterwards, you see hesaid" I had a desire when I was his age to wear a dress and be pretty
now and then, but fear and opprotunity prevented me from enjoying the experience,
now that I'm older and much bigger I don't think it would feel the same wearing a dress,
I want my boy to feel the thrill of being pretty as or prettier than any girl,his age"

The father and son carefully wlent thru the dress racks and I will report ,they made swaps for
3 dresses, that seems to indicate to me further" ventures "for his son .if I may use billies saying.
LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 6 Responses May 21, 2012

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Oh Beverly, this is a wonderful beginning.

I think its not to late for dad to start dressing up. I am in my mid 40s and look at me.<br />
How about expanding dress as a girl day to dad and boy dress up day at school<br />
I don't know if you have them over there, when I was going to school we had parents day when the parents would stand around the class and just see what happens in a day of school for their kids.<br />
Just a thought.

It's never to late to do something if u enjoy it.The dad should go for it and have fun with his son.

Robyn, I think the dad does dress but is now through this school project going to introduce his son to wearing dresses. Remember he got 3 dresses for a one day event, and got rid of 3 pairs of the boys pants.

Yes, I think you are right, thank you for pointing that out.

Miss Harley, if you know the boy approach him in school discreetly and give him the EP address so he can join your groups.

We will see the father and son again, they said so.

You, Beverly, should have referred him to EP so he could join along with his son. He would of course discover the number of boys and men who really want to wear dresses or skirts full time. If perchance you happen to know where to contact him do so and tell him about EP.

What a wonderful idea.