Swap Shop 2

By now you all know are swap shop program,
I am reporting to the group a nice swap in the works.

David shyly came to the swap shop display when he was sure
nobody would see him, he was shy and sincere,

David wanted to make a swap, but feared any trousers swapped
would be missed at home and he'd never be able to explain their disappearance.

I have offered David a dress ,inexchange for his joining our site
and possibly posting his picture.
MissJanice MissJanice 18-21, F 5 Responses May 22, 2012

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I have to agree with all that has been written here.MissJanice keep up the good work.

Boys need someone like you.

Janice, I think you handled the situation fine, just be reassuring to him.

David will have found a great place and all the supportive and understanding friends he can handle.

Life for boys like David is rarely easy, and is filled with complications and most often, parents who don't understand boys like David, or even worse, hurt and humiliate them, somehow believing that by hurting, humiliating, embarrassing them will "cure" this infliction they have.

Bull pucky!

Yes tell David we would never rebuke him or deny his wanting to be a free male in our society of unjust rules or expectations.

Tell David he will be well received and given lots of support here and will be with friends.

He has nothing to fear but fear itself, as I found out when I went public in a dress. Showing pride and confidence helped alot as well. Some can sense fear and may use that to abuse.

I have so much pride in you girls for doing what you are doing in your corner of the world.